• Aj

    Stop it and drop it, cockin the gun. bullets get a nigga head rung. Redrum redrum. Im seein em slang and slain. Down for da gang they is. But betta mind ya biss or get a peeled cap. I gives no love for a rat, the fuck they do that, for. Foe tha love of money like bone, u already know Im holdin my own. And I’ll catch a murder case if they run in my home. Gotta protect myself, and the fam nigga. Testin nuts,better believe they body wont be found nigga. I go pound for pound nigga, knockin bustas on they back if they run up. Im gettin it done, and I can spit it faster than nonchucks. Fuck critics, only talk cause they the ones criticizing. These other niggas flow is fake, illegal, my stuff is legitimizing. Do whatever cause Im above all, say I dont even make sense, thats cause I only make laws.

  • iceberg

    Young chris is back!

  • @Aj, that shit was hot, real g shit.

  • This song goes hard. And @Aj, good stuff, better than a lot of these fruity ass rappers out.

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  • yesk