Pete Rock Speaks On NYPD Incident

Outside the New York Criminal Court earlier today, Pete Rock spoke to The Urban Daily on the police brutality incident, in which the producer claims officers even assaulted his wife and step daughter. Tuesday night, the NYPD harassed fans after Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun‘s Monumental release party at Tammany Hall.

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  • BLAH


  • f-ck da police

    That’s why I hate the f-ckin police. My blood boiling right now

  • puerto-black

    nypd at it again

  • man thats messed up the other guy that was speaking on the subject i guess the lawyer looks like the Real Rick Ross to me

  • Westcoast killa

    NY niggas to soft! popo got you niggas shook smh

  • ironic

    while i don’t condone violence, i do agree with westcoast killa; this would not have gone down the way it did on the west coast..cats there are on some OTHER shit…..

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  • D!A!E

    @Westcoast killa

    yeah yeah the west coast, yeah yeah…man shut up…stupid ass keyboard killas, yall’d talk here b/c you wouldn’t talk in real life…fuckin hate douchebags…

  • that is y i am starting 2 like the police either cause most of these bad cops out here make it look so bad for the good cops i personally think they have trust issues within themselves and that is very bad…nuff said thou…

  • Brahsef

    @WC and Ironic

    Ya’ll couldn’t even handle winter. Keep it movin.

  • Rachael5922

    The police opp-orate under fear and control. They have no other motives or emotions. The Dark Kabal and the 13 families that control the planet use this system to control the masses, well in ten years, this is going to be over….we will rise above.

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