Unreleased Music: DMX “Sucka 4 Love”

Earlier today, New Beats Daily decided to let loose another unreleased track from Dark Man X. Not sure exactly when this was recorded but this ain’t bad, suckas.

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  • Chan

    This is dope. Im ready to hear his new album.

  • reginarenee

    this aint better then 2pac’s sucka for love! and X up yo vocab. all that cursing nigga say a lotta something 1st b4 U top it off with a curse!

  • Aj

    Dmx the man. And in honor of real music this is for @Bk. Im bout Ether this nigga : Look, this nigga is shook. Well Im about freeze his ass. I guess he on a rampage. Well Im bout rashard his ass. Talkin shit cause he know we’ll probably never meet in person. Physical contact leave his ass in emergen. And when I rip you, aint no comin back u bitch nigga. Same nigga that commented and agreed with being a snitch nigga. Everytime I look, he got my name is mouth. On my dick more than a bitch, fuck is u complaining about. I aint got time for funny lookin niggas residing in whoville. Please change ya username, we dont give a fuck where u live. So take my name out your mouth and I fill it with bullets. Sayin u that nigga when ya street cred been tooken. So drop the top of ya lap, or power down ya comp, cause u only on tough on e, in reality ya shocked. Cosigning niggas like they tryin to buy a car, comments saggy as hell,need to buy a bra. Cause I bust heads of mindless clucks, keep up the bs,I make ya time get stuc

  • brutally honest

    Wow, X is my guy; but his needs to grow-up with his subject matter

  • internetgod


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  • This shit hard. Shout out to X, lookin forward to some real shit when this next album drops. Wtf is the deal yall? ha, this is that shit tho. Reminds me of its dark and hell is hot…how’s it goin down type shit.

    Sidebar..shout out to Don Trip. Hearin that shit on radio is dope as fuck. Kinda surprising to hear a lyrically honest track combined with a classic styled hip hop beat on the radio but shit was dope to actually see that happen.

  • money

    yoo hopefully X works through his issues cuz the Dog is lost .. he needs like a co-sign to wake his ass up or smthg . cuz this song aint bad .. and like sonny said “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” cmon X !!!!

  • fuk the industry!! there guna try do whatever they can to put him back in jail and use a bad picture of him on the news n tmz… so everyone can look at him as a bad person there plan is to eliminate his name…… just like m.j it was all planned out straight government!!

  • watch his videos on youtube… thats why they want him in him in jail cuz hes guna expose them even more with his music….. when hes a show talking about the industry

  • Dogo

    You really are a sucka!

  • Shade

    You got to be kidding me….this dude has the nerve to say Drake has a “little worldplay here and there”. DMX you have no wordplay at all, you suck, thats why you dont want it with Hov. Drake is a better lyrcist then you. Retire please.

  • aaf703

    this is dope!!! :hat

  • West Coast

    Dog is great rapper he just needs a Direction….respect for DMX

  • biggiesmalls

    DMX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Fake Ass 2pac.

  • i wonder y no1 bothered to play this on the radio none?and i always like the way dmx rapped cause he really has a style all his own when it comes to rapping despite the fact that the man himself has some serious issues to face…reguarding drugs and all.nuff said thou.,,,


    This is terrible! What a terrible vocob, stupid crackhead!!!

  • Aj

    You know what, Im so sick and tired of this shit. Wordplay, metaphors, similes, Im tired of it. You dont need none of that to be great. That stupid nigga @Shade talkin bout Drake better than Dmx because he is a lyricist. Well if a lyricist is someone who always uses metaphors and similes then yes Drake is better at that because he does that. But the best rap is niggas who get straight to the point. A lot of niggas rap about they life and experiences, thats why they dont use metaphors and all that other shit. They aint go time to try to compare one thing to another. They are telling a story. I get sick and tired of hearing shit like I can get her wetter than tsunami, or my money taller than yao ming. Because when u do that throughout the whole song, you really not saying shit. So fuck all u bitch ass pussy ass sweet booty ass non rapping ass faggot niggas.

  • King

    lol at Drake being is lyricst…@Shade fuck off u bitch….DMX is a great rapper but PAC>>>>>>>>>>>>DMX

  • yo