Bootleg Kev Interviews Big Sean

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Bootleg Kev recently chopped it up with Big Sean out in Las Vegas. Sean speaks on performing at this year’s BET awards, Kanye West’s production missing on the album, and a lil’ bit of everything in between. Finally Famous is in stores now.

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  • Aj

    Who gives a fuck. Dont nobody want that weak ass album. This nigga garbage. Beats suck, lyrics suck, clothes gay, he just weak as hell.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @AJ the fuck you mean nobody want that album that shit was selling out at stores across the nation on the day it was released. No I.D put some of his best production on their. He doing numbers

  • Ym

    i guess alot of ppl bought a wack album

  • Remo

    i don’t see his appeal..he seems like a good kid..but as far as his music..i don’t get it..
    …Not big on snapbacks..but since Lids giving away $150 cards i cop 5 of them

  • DChappelle

    yall niggas stupid, that album is hot. MANY songs and beats up there are dope, yall talking about hip hop and the same fools listening to wacka flacka, gucci mane, roscoe dash and them clowns and you saying that’s hip hop over this? fck outta here you clowns

    In the words of mr chappelle…and money changed for computers…….


  • Fela Kuti

    this album is highly impressive!!!!!

  • Aj

    @DChapelle, Big Sean is soft. I like hardcore stuff and Waka Flocka brings that. Big Sean is a bitch with his wack ass. Not hip hop. And u a bitch


    @Aj your stupid.

    Same story, different interview. I’ve heard this 7+ times.

  • Aj

    @TRUTH, u stupid mutherfucker, Im lmao at you.