Common Explains Warner Bros. Deal

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Common, who’s been a free agent since December, phoned MTV to explain his recent deal with Warner Bros. Records and the call he received from the label’s CEO, Lyor Cohen. The Dreamer, The Believer drops this November.

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  • Ruben Jimenez

    So is Com not on GOOD music anymore?

  • He’s still with GOOD Music, but he signed to Warner Bros. so.he can release the album

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  • Kofi

    Up until last week G.O.O.D. was only a production imprint not a label….of course after the Def Jam deal I guess they are a label now.

  • daffysci

    So what makes u think he’s still good music if he signed elsewhere. if he was still good music couldnt he have just released the album through them, like big sean did?

  • industry

    its not hard to understand

    common is good music / warner music

    before he was good music / universal

    sorta like how cam use to be dipset / aslyum, while juelz was dipset / def jam, and jimmy dipset / koch

  • Lucaz

    Some of y’all dumb as fuck!

    Kid Cudi is on good music but not def jam get it?

    Mos def good music but not def Jam

    Big Sean good music/ def jam

    One is a label the other is the distribution.


  • Cumbington

    one is distribution and the other is the label..
    …Not big on snapbacks..but since Lids giving away $150 cards i cop 5 of them

  • god

    this is very unfortunate. warner just wants to tap into your other income streams, movies, commercials and anything else he has going on. now you have to share your income with a failing music corporation. what a stupid ass move. stupid is, as stupid does.

  • smh

    warner just picked up currensy/jet life recordings and maybach music group.. how are they failing?? who else currently are more relevant then those two entities

  • brutally honest

    More power to Com, but at this point of his career……. He should be a label boss, this man’s catalogue is impressive in it’s self. He should’ve brokered the deal with Lyor like “Cool, I’ll sign with you……. Only if it’s a label deal, I’m not going to go the slave route anymore”. Lyor would definitely respect that & be more than happy to accommodate the deal. Com is like Nas, still have an artist’s mentality when they should be their own “boss”. It’s like a guy in his mid-30’s whose work at a business firm’s mailroom since he was a young-intern. The guy has all the qualities to get himself a promotion and upgrade him-self to the cubicle; than office. But he’s content with being in the mail-room, cause he’s feels “comfortable” there. While the youngsters who graduated from college work in the mailroom, but get a promotion and take it with out warning (Jay-Z/Roc-A-Fella)

  • Original Ty

    Somehow I feel like he’s no longer with GOOD Music. I hear what yall are sayin’ but didn’t he

    reference not wanting to be with an independent label anymore? Universal is not an indie label.

    Sounded like a reference to GOOD Music to me until he said he wanted to be somewhere where they

    believed in what he’s doing? I can’t picture Ye not believing in Com unless Com is waay out there or

    Ye has changed even more than I thought. Clarity please somebody.