• Guare

    niggas sleep on my dude.. act like he wasnt major part on that purple tape and that iron man .. them classics nigga.. my nigga had his fucking his fucking footprint on that shit .. fingerprints all on them fucking classics.. this that wu nigga… cappa.. dont sleep

  • Guare

    niggas act like my nigga aint had his fucking finger prints all over them classics .. purple tape ironman all that.. dont sleep on my nigga.. he got joints and got classic verses

  • MXL

    Park Hill projects, chigga-pow. Medina in the shadows.

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  • JDot

    Nice. The pillage is a dope ass album. The beats on that album where unreal. I still play that album once a month.

    I remember skipping class and coping the Pillage and Gangstarr’s Moment of truth. Good times..

  • lito

    Classic!!! Meth on the hook
    Milk this cow the best way you know how!!!
    Capp one the most underrated


    waste a milk my nigga! lol

  • fake.. is .. fake

    Real hiphop miss that shit thing of the past hip hop died in the 90’s

  • Chan

    Wu Tang Forever. The Best. Period.

  • yooooo this was my shit

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  • herbsaac

    god this shit so dope. i aint even hear it back in the day. I just pressed play.. So much better than current new skinny jean and extra medium shit cept for yela slaughter.. Like u can tell theirs actual feeling and emotion put into this shit.. not just bull shit party style and or club music and or rhymers who think by rhyming multiple syllab le words makes them credible(corey gunz) simple, feelings involved, reppin from where you from.. thats what rap used to be now its too over exposed and you got people like drake big sean and pussy ass rappers exploited the shit out of it to make a buck.

  • ?

    wow…………..pause @ 3:00 mark

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  • Pingback: New Video: Cappadonna "Milk The Cow" (via Rap Radar) « I Don't Make The News()

  • sway-z

    Damn, what the fuck happened to shit like this!? Niggas just on the corner, feeling the music and shit. Ain’t no bitches dancing around, no neon lights & 16 cars, just that raw shit for your ear.

    “Hot Nixon, playin my position…bitch!”

  • law

    hell yeah @herbsaac

  • There is a person who calls himself “Doggie Diamonds” and that bothers me. But I’ll always love Cappa, new or old.

  • MediaAnarchist

    Yeah this is still a banger! Wu muthafuckin Tang nigga! Straight classic!

  • M Gar

    Yo this and Slang Editorial were the supreme bangers on this album

  • Power

    Yo cappa remember i shouted out “check for a nigga” at the hammerstein 2006 Wu show” guess who’s check checkin.. keep it up nice chess move

  • X

    still sounds fresh

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