• Aj

    They real niggas.

  • Timbo

    and we care because???…waka? yayo?

    …Not big on snapbacks..but since Lids giving away $150 cards http://goo.gl/dLNlw i cop 5 of them

  • I love these guys and they bodies. WHERE ARE THEY NOW

  • I’m Just Me

    Good song but Yayo’s better on those Hard NY Beats

  • Tru Talk

    two gangstas who cant really rap to good tho….. watever atleast they ain’t imposters…. who the hell the dude with the stash??? lmao

  • 1234…

    Not trying to be funny but to me every beat this clown picks sounds the same, I swear he’s made this track before.

    – Same beat: Check
    – Same Lyrics: Check
    – Same add libs: Check
    – Same flow: Check
    – Same subject matter: Check

  • wickwickwack

    what happened to that yayo who did “pimpin”
    he wasnt that good then either but he was funny

  • P Wise

    @1234 i said the same thing ma nigga


    Could that Waka nigga sound any dumber or retarded?!! You KNOW that nigga took the short bus at school!!