Bad Meets Evil On Shade 45 (Whoo Kid)

Bad Meets Evil called in to DJ Whoo Kid’s show today on Shade 45. Diversehiphop was listening and comes through with a rip of the audio.

Part 1: On Hell: The Sequel debuting at #1 and response from Mike Epps on “I’m On Everything”.

Part 2: Evil explains Nicki Minaj line and overall chemistry with Bad.

Part 3: Proof’s role on Bad Meets Evil reuniting and The Alchemist’s late pass.

Part 4: Fourth of July weekend plans.

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  • onanigga

    Do they address the Flop?

  • BANG

    BME >>>>>>>

  • BabyPenis

    I haven’t heard anything off this album yet….

  • how did it flop? it went #1.

  • Koosy

    i haven’t heard anythign off the album yet..
    …gas so high…im glad they giving out $250 cards 2 people in the US.. get ya fam fill 1 out & get 2 like

  • Eminem

    Me and the 4th of July always involve Kim and Fireworks… 🙂 LMFAO 🙂

  • Man, these dudes gettin my dick hard.

  • BK

    Royce is em bitch haha fucking bitch!

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  • hands down most lyrical project of the year

  • Bk

    I suck dick, I lick shit, Im a fag. My idols are lil b and spencer pratt. Homo thugs is all I claim, yeah we in a gang. Down for the 187 and that booty bang. They hatin on Bk because they all lame. Im thick ass hell boy, my body cant be tamed. The opposite sex for sure makes me puke. Fellas get on da dance floor if u wanna get a juke.

  • T.O.S

    50 working with just Blaze in Detroit with Em, wooo about to be a movie 😆

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  • Eminem would of sold half if he was black!

    Cosign @Bk Royce is shady bitch and he sign his soul to the devil!

  • AJ’s Mom

    Now AJ play nice. Don’t make me take you labtop with Drake On the cover away from you again. You spend to much time in their. You begged me to get home schooled but You to come some time. Go wash your hands for dinner I made your favorite baby back ribs I cut up meat so won’t choke again. Come down now so I can put your bib on. Hurry up! You know my fat ass can’t walk up those stairs. COME DOWN NOW!

  • zezzoi

    lmao. these dudes are straight clowns

  • zezzoi

    flop? the fuck u people talking about

    they sold like 180k first week with no radio singles….

    Thats more than kanye did…Kanye did like 400k but his album was being sold for like $3 or $4 first week.

    this was an EP being sold for $10…

    ya’ll dumb.

  • Aj

    To the bitchass niggas, stop mentioning my momma. If we was in person, I would blow your mom’s brains on your shoulder u faggot.

  • Aj

    I just i wanna say im [email protected] [email protected] disel [email protected]
    i was just wanna have fun dont want no violence. i live in a gated neighborhood so i feel safe. ok im gone lets end this beef for something crazy happen.

  • Coroner

    LOL!! This shit is funny!!

  • BK

    @AJ I’m gonna fuck you up when I see you nigga. What the fuck is yo address the real on not just a street number. Fuck yo momma. I punch yo momma in her face after I get done bustin a load on face @AJ a bitch ass nigga. I’m come see you no made up shit like you do PUSSY

  • LA

    Damn i thought he could push 300,00 atlest. But em flopping now damn shame.

  • LA


  • Westcoast killa

    Flop fuck him! we need cube for that real rap!

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  • vejs23

    Shadyyyyyy Aftermath !!

  • How the hell did it flop? It was an EP with no fucking radio singles. An EP! You fucks! Besides Em’s name isn’t on the cover. Bad Meets Evil is. Do your homework!

  • DMJ

    who gives a shit about the numbers! listen to the damn ep, shit is nice! this is rapradar its about the music, if you want to discuss sales numbers go to the wall street journal website!!!

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    Whoever saying the ep flopped are fucking stupid like a mothafucka! Like come on yo this ep. Had no radio play has no radio single no advertisement its a small EP people of fucking 8 songs in stores but still it went to number one! … and that’s a flops come on. Ya just finding anything to hate on the man. Ya get angers over his success. And its a damn shame niggas act like that. Enjoy the fucking EP or if u don’t like it then stay the fuck away from it and buy well download that briber or soulja boy. Smh on ya

  • Josh

    Eminem is the KING

  • Master

    If Eminem is King Lil Wayne is God!

  • Marshall

    If Eminem is King Lil Wayne is a slave.

  • Marshall

    SMFDH @ Eminem’s hairy legs

  • Bangers N Mash

    Good shit here.

  • Marshall

    Wait there is no ‘if’ lmao.

  • onanigga

    This Ep never going Gold. Unlike Rozay and Wayne.

  • matthew

    Damn, Em be getting good pussy you can see it. He was looking pressed when he first came back 2009/2010

  • Thank God I’m Fresh

    hmm cool
    *presses Part 2*

  • muz

    interesting interview, dope EP
    check out for more dope music

  • Loso

    Flop my ass, your fave rappers can’t even sell 100k lmao.

  • Chi-town

    Lil Wayne is KING>>>>>>>>>>Eminem is A SLAVE

  • da 5’9

    some of you are so fucking stupid eminem>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Soulja boy>>>>>>Wayne. I want to hear you all call recovery a flop when it was the biggest selling hip hop album in the past 5 years. Only one lil wayne album sold and it was the carter 3 which sucked balls. His last two sold as much as royses and ems ep. LMFAO!!! SHady 2011!!!!!!

  • jake

    how is 166k a flop? just cuz the numbers don’t match up with the top 10 pop artists album sales doesn’t make it bad…it still went number 1 and it was only an EP…not even a full album, hardly different from a mixtape. his last album recovery is still selling 10k plus every week and its over a year old and is the highest selling digital album of all time and not afraid was the best selling itunes single so the guy definitely hasn’t fell off…two of his albums recently went diamond in the US also and have been worldwide diamond for years now….you can’t name one other rapper alive or dead with those stats. whether you like it or not eminem made a huge impact on music as a whole, not just rap, and thats why the world, not just the hood likes him. this man has done more for the recognition of rap music than anybody who has ever lived. rap music was underground even when it was considered big before eminem came to the seen…he boosted everyones sales cuz when the white community got a taste of his music they also got to hear what other hip hop is out there…whether they admit it or not all the white fans around the age of 20 right now can say they became more familiarized with hip hop music because eminem was the first rap music they really liked a lot and was there favorite rapper. things are of course different now because the black people who make this supposed rap music like kanye west have lyrics as bubbled up as a lady gaga song so of course pop radio will catch onto that shit

  • C’mon Son

    @Adolf Jake
    I agree with the EP sales being good but the other stuff you said is pure BS.

    1. Em is worldwide known but how many people YOU know in the hood listen to em?
    2. These “black people”, one being named Dr. Dre put Shady on so show some respect..
    3. Kanye’s last album was a rap album… so no lady gaga
    4. Could it be possible that some of these 20 age rap fans first listened to Jay-z, 2Pac, BiG, Nas, and etc. (who are also worldwide known and had just as much impact as em did for hip hop)

    5. Last but not least does the word “Stan” mean anything to you???

  • roger

    eminem is the only rapper who can keep a release date. dude does whatever he wants. you’ll never see jay z putting out an ep with an underground rapper. anyone think the carter 4 release date is gonna stay the same? the game has changed and lil wayne’s gonna have to get a justin bieber or lady gaga feature for his album to drop.

  • DemonChild

    Marshall is back.