• DJ

    Naw I think that’s Jay-Z.

    Your more like the secretary at the front desk.

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    Drake, Jay Z, Kanye West, lil Wayne, = raw beats, wack lyrics.

  • RIGZ


  • Kunta Kente

    @AJ does yo momma know you tryin to be a rapper. You have to leave yo house to be rapper. GIVE IT UP. We don’t no more white rappers

  • Nat Turner

    Ok then



  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @Kunta Kente, does yo momma know about them gay comments u put on the Max B phone check post. You have give up your gay ways. We dont need no more homosexuals.

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @Cold Deat, all you niggas is fuckin lame for saying Stan. Ya’ll some corny ass niggas.

  • straight don’t care
  • Nat Turner


  • Alicia Keys

    Does anybody think I need breast implants?


    Man fuck this shit. This new flow, new style bullshit aint whats dope. Bleek tryna sound like he a new school rapper with that fuckery. And Im a huge fan of the M.E.M.P.H. Man

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  • Master

    Fuck you @cold death! Lil wayne>>>>>fav rapper CIV HOW U GOING TO STOP A RIOT!

  • onanigga

    memphis weak

  • http://rapradar north cak

    this shit goes hard

  • http://rapradar north cak

    stop hating memphis he still eating

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  • Master

    Lil’ Wayne the truth. @alicia keys… yes I do think you need them

  • Drizzy


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  • http://poeticassasin.wordpress.com poeticassasin

    Bleek killed it — but anyone can kill it with that Meek Mill flow- it just fits the beat so well


  • Pill is the weak link of MMG

    BLEEK = weed carrier of the decade

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  • http://[email protected] jayoconn

    SMH, yall aint even commenting on the freestyle. this shit is solid.

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