New Mixtape: Teedra Moses Luxurious Undergrind

Teedra Moses drops off her first project since signing with Maybach Music Group earlier this year. Look out for her next album, The Lioness coming soon. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

Download here

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  • JBoy


  • prep

    im downloadin right now

  • she is extremely underrated…..any doubters search for take me by teedra moses on youtube

  • Aj

    Wellll its the original gangsta like steady scrappin real nigga. To make my day would be stackin bread and just chill nigga. You try to gank, and I’ll put you six feet deep. Insane in the membrane so I can make the reaper weep. Poppin em if I have to, motherfuckin bullet rip off ya fuckin tattoo. They wont buck, these niggas just talkin like interviews. Murda mo murda and Im bound rip ya if I aint no kin to u.

  • prep

    actual talent…

  • Sam from FL

    Sounds good….i hope she doesnt have Ross grunting all over her album.

  • fuk waka..

    damnn wonda who from MMG gets to fuck her… wale?? meek mill? or da fat boss himself lol

  • music man

    How many of you have actually listened to her before????????????????

    She been around a while, Have a CD somewhere, Nothing special.

  • Subaru

    @ music man…I have listened to her before. She has a beautiful soulful voice that would put a nigga in a good mood.

  • Diggy Simmons

    @AJ even on a holiday you can’t stay off your computer. Your fat momma need to enroll you in summer school. This bitch is wack. MMG=LOSING!!!

  • i only know teedra from the little brother skit.

  • Aj

    @Diggy Simmons, u on here with me bitch. And yo momma a fat bitch. Dont talk about my momma homie, real talk. And you extra gay for callin yoself Diggy Simmons. I’ll enroll my foot in yo ass.

  • Diggy Simmons AKA AJ mom’s pimp

    @AJ who the the fuck you think you talking too. What yo address I’m whip yo ass and then fuck your slut of a mom. Me and my niggas gonna run a train we like big woman. don’t scared bitch what yo address

  • @Diggy Simmons, you a bitch. My address is Chicago,Illinois 187 South Homicide Avenue. I love ya moms. Shes quite known round here. For sucking niggas off for some blow.

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  • Diggy Simmons aka AJ Stepfather

    @AJ HOMICIDE AVENUE…u ugly for that whats yo real address. Your not allowed to watch BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION

  • Aj Moms Shaniqua

    Diggy Simmons you can fuck me, my son is agay is fat ugly and stays on blog sites all day.

  • jeezy

    no auto tune here talennnnttt!!! MMG baby

  • Moe


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  • She’s gonna get dropped from MMG quicker than Jay-Z dropped Amil back in the day

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  • YOUR pusha

    thats pure soulful talent right there, if you dont know illegally download her album(or buy if possible) complex simplicity and see wasup check out the track with jadakiss ‘you will never find’ , be your girl and backstroke the album is a slept on soulrnb classic. She could be MMG’s secret weapon if used properly

  • would bruise

  • Jane Doe

    She’s dope, I remember her. Hopefully she can find some success in this phony ass industry. #goodluck

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