New Music: Akon “Still A Survivor”

Don’t expect Akon to throw in the towel. Here is a standout track featured on his recent mixtape, Koncrete. Purchase it in full here and look out for the album, Stadium coming soon.


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  • Ya Boy G

    [email protected] akon looking like a fake wesley snipes!

  • Converse

    Haha why sing when you can pimp out Lady gaga?

  • Gond

    Good track from Akon. Kinda like the old version of him rather than the recent full-of-wackness Akon. Really hope he returns to his old roots and abandon that absurd europop/techno crap

  • Word

    Akon still got it though. Imean he can retire off Gaga money but hey, it wont hurt to put out another album

  • Donn

    I love his Electronica stuff the most

  • Converse

    @Word shut up nigga he ain’t still got it. This not a J. Cole post so why you on here. @Donn fuck Jay Electronica

  • Converse


    *Blank stare*

  • @last

    real dude, real music…took time to get it, but i respect anyone with their own style or approach in this game nowadays (whether good or bad), somebody likes it. i might not buy it, but i get it.

  • iHate

    not bad, but kinda boring

  • JHP

    Not bad, a step in the right direction though. He really needs to get back to that Konvicted sound. Smack That & I Wanna Love You were like the anthems for the year they came out

  • herbsaac

    Man trying to garner us real hip hop and rap fans from pre 2005.. Going back to all the shit he used to do.. Wonders why he wasnt selling so much? BEcause of a. downloaders and B. People knew he sold out and got sick of his bull shit poppy nonsense.. We want real music.. This asint so much it.. Just a cheap ploy.. Remember Locked up? Where the fuck that Akon go? Thats what garnered him critic acclaim as well as real fans who bought music.. Now.. He is fucking lame. And besides Soul Survivor was Jeezys song.. but i dont expect any of the skinny jean fags with extra medium shirts and died black hair with a stripe of blonde somehwere in their to remember that since A. they were listening to fall out boy back then.. And B. they are fags who only listen to pop.. Like Ross aka MMG.. and Wiz Khalifa.. SMFH @ so called rap fans.. but really tho they are hip pop fans.. But its cool.. Keep downloading your favorite artists cd’s instead of buyin them.. see where that gets you.

  • citi1

    Sounds like old akon, would have been ill if he would of put jeezy on the track


    Nigga GTFO you riding with Gaga’s hermaphrodite ass! Get ya money, I ain’t mad but what’s with the gangster persona?

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  • Master

    Tuff! Akon use to be dope until he went pop!

  • Subaru

    Akon said he ain’t gonna rap about drugs or guns ever again…he said he live that lifestyle anymore and is in a new space or some shit corny like that.

  • Diggy Simmons

    @Subaru shut yo bitch ass up you ain’t live life so you can’t call him corny for not talking about drugs. Sit down ho. Your not allowed to watch BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISON

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  • Cota

    “Still a Survivor” cuz of Gaga lolol.

  • JoelMayanja

    I thank God for the things he do for us but i prosper due to his will too ,but i wonder y his sheep block others thank you LORD FOR ALL THE LESS I KNOW DUE TO YOUR WILL AND WISH .PEACE BE APONE HIS SHEEP.

  • oh no what happened akon then fell off …now he on something new these dayz..what has gotten into him thez dayz.?nuff said thou….