• Curtis75Black

    Nice !!

  • Aj

    Internet gangstas: these niggas pussy, wonder why they wanna push me. Probably cause I cant see them face to face. Cause physical contact is motherfucker. Kinda like me with Kunta and Diggy simmons mothers, you know I fuck hers. Claimin new york hard, u pussy borrough boys cant live in my yard. Niggas talkin shit, disrespectin my momma. Give ya’ll address, Im at ya front door with the lama. Make ya get face down, and I comeup on sum hundreds. You niggas soft, dont play around, I make ya get down on the ground, get down on the ground. Im thinkin murder, fuck talkin. Have ya bodies outlined in white chalkin.

  • Punisher

    “Baby Pun” was the last verse, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting much, but he was really good! Best verse on the track.

  • Aj

    Yeah I a have heavy heat for these cock suckers. Diggy Simmons whining, I pop the glock sucker. Sending Cold deaths to the fiery pits of hell. For eternal u burn where demons dwell. I tired of the back and forth. Most of these chumps from the suburbs, they aint seen a hood porch. They dont see da niggas on the corners, yet they call me fake. I ethered a nigga yet they try to play it safe. U betta not test ya fate, fore I make ya destiny hell. Choppin the bloody victims, turnin em pale. I son you niggas. Ya’ll came from my nuts. I shoulda pulled out of ya mommas and came on her gut.

  • Bizzy Bone

    @AJ damn nigga nice, you next up. I wanna sign you. leave your contacts facebook and your moms number. I got the perfect rap name for you too. PUSSY BONE

  • Jo Jo Simmons

    AJ mom is like a door knob, everybody get a turn

  • Look down bitch.

  • wickwickwack

    lil pun is actually an ok rapper,need to learn

    but it s really time for mega to release some new quality material ,this is a good start

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  • D

    Fame needs to stop rappin for real..sounds annoying…

  • NY is HARD!


  • Wildstylerep

    At least theres a few real mcs left. 2 of my favorite artists still doing it 4 NY

  • Your Father

    Actually better than I expected.
    Pretty dope.
    Though Baby Pun can put Cardiac Arrest in a rhyme and Ortiz can’t?…Wait, what?