YN Playlist: OFWGMS

Two hours wasn’t enough for me to get to all the OF tunes I wanted to play. You got the hunger for more? Well swag it out with the captain of the Golf Wang bandwagon. Buckle up, bitch. More shit!

1. “Boppin’ Bitch”

2. “Bitches Brewin'”

3. “Fuck Love (Dinosaur, son)”

4. “VCR/Wheels”

5. “Novacane”

6. “Boss Life (Freestyle)”

7. “Dat Ass”

8. “Fucking Lame”

9. “Customized Greatly”

10. “Cop Killer”

11. “Skinny Rapper”

12. “Seven”

13. “Stapleton”

14. “Oblivion”

15. “Nature Feels”

16. “Fool’s Gold”

17. “Theme Music”

18. “Who Dat (Freestyle)”

19. “Luper”

20. “Burger”

21. “Steak Sauce”

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  • James

    and HEREEEEEE we go YN. Here we fucking go again!!!

  • Sam I Am


  • uhh

    yo odd future has some tight tracks i aint gon lie… but honestly most of this shit is trash. tylers flow makes me feel like im on downers. like i said im not here to hate – these cats are definitely talented.. just not really exciting to me. just my opin

  • oakland73rd


  • puerto-black


  • Sony Music Employee a.k.a J Cole Album Is Never coming out

    I don’t fuck with people who wear the devil’s number 666 on their shirt. fuckin satanists. Even of their music is hot and their just playing thats some serious shit

  • teejay

    can someone get a download link?

  • Wow… Welp.

  • Noringtone

    Awsome list.

  • Protest

    dont say your riding the bandwagon. ur ridin’ dick lol

  • Real shit.

    Fuck every last one of these clowns.
    I don’t give a damn what niggas say, anybody who reps 666 and upside crosses ain’t shit to me.

  • -__-

    Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and Tyler are the only ones with a future.. Tyler’s creative and different, Frank Ocean is greatness, and Earl is young but raps better than most out there. The whole 666 evil shit they use for shockvalue can only last so long

  • alex

    it’s crazy how anti “666” all you rap fan pplz are. i feel like the type of person to post odd future hate is also the type of person that loves slaughterhouse and that new eminem/royce shit. (which sucks). that being said, this is a pretty well assembled list of songs showcasing odd future’s skillz and shit. i’m gonna go ahead and guess that most of these people didn’t listen to the songs, or just didn’t really give them a fair chance. even if you’re not into the lyrics, the production is top notch on all this shit. c’mon, that ‘seven’ beat is like equal parts neptunes and fuckin mf doom. shit’s so good. you guys need your ears checked or something.

  • D

    good shit elliott

  • X

    Lil B playlist next.

  • dutchmaster

    frank ocean > this wackness
    maybe i’m old, or not white, or not into new shit just cause its new

    idk….someone explain this shit please

  • Spillosevic

    Explanation: Fuck you. OF, bitch!

  • Spillosevic

    Explanation: Fuck you, OF BITCH…

  • Vage

    how many albums did tyler sell??

  • Word

    OFWGMS? Wat that mean?

  • @last

    the people have spoken, lmao! fortunately, they’re still young so there’s room to grow…

  • Converse

    So were still going to pretend this?soulja boy shit is hip-hop?

  • Kareem

    YN got me on the bandwagon! Ha!

  • jake

    i bet half you guys hating on the 666 are fans of eminem…”i’m the devil if ever there was such a thing” “word on satan, i drop to one knee in front of this quiji board and i pray” so don’t be a hypocrite…they’re just playin around cuz they’re music is kinda fucked up so they just put out an evil image. i know not all of you like eminem but this site has more eminem fans than any place i’ve ever been so im just assuming at least half the hate comments were hypocritical.

  • BK James


    Fuck Eminem & Odd Future, all I need is:


  • YOU§

    when did these stupid niggas become so famous??? theyre like a big cock…theyre in everybodys fucking mouth right now! cosign @jake, these cunts just put on an “evil mask” to get attention cause they wouldnt get it with their shit music, they do the same like rihanna when she switched from good girl to bad girl…this aint got nothing to do with music, this is just business, its all about the paper, aint no love for the music!

  • Original Will

    how u going to put freestyles and not put Orange Juice Up there n u sleeping on Strip Club YN

  • WiscoFinest

    Are you seriously putting OFWGKTA on the level of Nas, Tupac, and Rakim in the game right now?

    I’m down with some Golf Wang when they were being real to themselves instead of this attitude that it seems like they think that their talent stems from how ridiculous or abbrasive they can be to even their fans.

    It’s like some Juggalo shit, it’s kinda sad. smh.

  • WiscoFinest

    I have to add on that I’m still a fan of Earl’s flow regardless of how lame he ends up being personally, I don’t care of that kid acts as annoying as Rick Hoss, I’m still buying that Earl album when he drops it.

    I really think the hype on Earl and Frank are the only true talents that will make it to top levels, Ocean already doing his thing he just needs to stop running his mouth and focus on being a new age Marvin.

  • When I see hater comments I always think about a video I seen of Talib Kweli talking about the rating of hip hop artists about 6 years ago. We Fly High just came out and it ranked Jim Jones as the 2nd hottest rapper around aside from Lil Wayne. Everyone was like HE AIN’T A RAPPER blah blah blah. These guys are rappers. Tyler, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, and Earl are all going to have a future. They’re not satanists, they’re atheists. These guys live in the United States were we have freedom of religion. Hating them because they’re views aren’t the same as yours is like hating people because they’re black. Like foreal. Grow up. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Didn’t your mama ever tell you if you ain’t got nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing?

  • 9th wonder

    dont know about these guys just yet


    the kid has some of the sickest bars…even better than a lot of older cats in the game.

  • djdakayungdan

    to the post about how its all top notch production…. youre kidding right

  • they shudd stick 2 freestyles they decent on them