Bow Wow Who Is Shad Moss Trailer 1

Bow Weezy sure has come a long way and if you aren’t familiar with who Shad Moss is, he’s soon to hit the small screen. Until his documentary premieres, here’s the first of three trailers. Get your popcorn ready.

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  • Jerzy

    exciting 🙂

  • Smoove

    Rather see the 9th Wonder Documentry

  • Sam I Am

    wtf was this? First of all, I thought the Tribe called Quest doc got the Audience Award. Second, if you’re gonna make yourself seem all big, dont mess up your own quote in the trailer. “Sometimes I wish I was dead because thats the only **** I will get peace” Better tell your editor to pay attention to the cuts next time, And third, who proclaimed this nigga to be the Prince of HipHop?

  • Sam I Am

    and another thing “its time for him to face real life” and then he drives off in a Lambo. Yeah thats REAL LIFE alright

  • Sam from FL

    Whats wrong with this guy? He wants to be accepted by hip hop heads sooo bad. wtf? why?

  • veesky

    Actually looks interesting. I always like gaining insight into artists who seem to be misunderstood or “underdogs”.

  • Jerzy

    Can I pre order my movie ticket for this?

  • Jerzy

    yay. bow = GOAT

  • clee

    Trailer makes the dudes life look horrible. Can’t be that bad bow weezy.

  • Dre

    Like a niiga gotta be struggling for y’all to accept him? He’s living his life doesn’t mean he don’t got the same hunger an ugly nigga from the hood would have for hiphop..

  • I’m cool on it. I’ll come back when they use proper grammar quoting him…

  • killinyobeats

    Whats wrong with this guy? He wants to be accepted by hip hop heads sooo bad. wtf? why?

    i bet he trys to make out he from the hood and had a hard life

  • Crystal BITCHESS

    WTF yall some mutha fucking haterssss down below , Like BITCH just dnt fucking look at the movie or the trailer.It’s always haters to come with everything. You guys just fucking mad your not the ones that’s successful. Lil poor ass baby sitting behind a computer screen doging on someone who got more money and fame then you. Like the fuck. I bet you was the one looking at Like Mike, Listening to his songs, At the end of the day Bow Wow Shad Moss is successful and have more money to fucking survive a great life with. STOP being haters and KILL YOUR SELF , , , BITCHESSSSSSSS….. Ewww you bitches disgust me

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  • Ashley Babby

    Yea crystal right…yall some muthafuckin haters…get yo weight up. Dnt hate cuz yu broke…get yo ass off the net and get a job broke ass…niggas kill me….and fyi he won all those awards when he was younger dumb asses and if yu couldnt read it said 1 of 3 trailers which means it would contain grammatical errors or even shit that wont be in the real one…people so dumb…

  • downsouth

    yall do sound like some fcking haters just dont watch the motherfucker

  • josh

    i only clicked this cuz i saw weezy

  • Lita

    I love the fact that bow is showing who exactly Shad is. After reading his letter to us fans, I really feel like he is growing up into an honest, open real man. I love that he was real about how hard it is having a girlfriend. Instead of blaming females 100% he said its him too. As a girl whose been following his career and inspired by it I’m embracing Shad Moss and hope for nothing but the best for him.

  • Sam I Am


    Thank you for showing your age. I wonder how its hate for the legitimate points i brought up. You couldnt even answer any of those properly. You cant even articulate properly which brings me to the next point: if you had success and lots of money, how are you “surviving” anything? You’re well taken care of, so it’s not surviving at all. and according to you, people with money shouldnt be “hated” on right? In that case, major props to the meth dealer that got paid by dealing your mom the drugs that your ill-fated fetus ingested during your first 9 months. Way to go Crystal. Way to go.


    None of what you said made any sense either. You’re probably crystal. 1 of 3 trailers means that there are three trailers – in succession – that will be released to promote his “doc”. Having multiple trailers doesn’t mean you should have grammatical errors. Ash, even though its summer, go back to school please.

    and Crystal. Way to go. *two thumbs up*

  • Jaylen

    Damn lmao yall really dislike dude for what? All he is doing is putting hiself back out there like he was when he were younger. But hey the world jut love to discriminate , but i would go see this it seems very intresting to see the truth behind his career! Oh yeah he is a hip hop head after all things he have done hes just getting his career back together. Just like i said though this seems very intresting and cant wait for it to come out

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  • tanya

    He’s the prince of hip hop, look at his career he gt like 8 albums and like 7+ movies n the guy just turned 24! Sold out shows n tour all over d globe he might not cater to your taste in hip hop but he done more than these new hip hop niggas on d scene

  • kita

    sam i am ur a dick head and bow wow ur sexy.