• BK James

    I Run New York

  • Devante

    I still dont get how this guy is good

  • The Real BK

    ^U run shit!

  • Jo Jo Simmons

    Wack! I think this nigga overrated. what so good bout this nigga

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Diggy got some lyrics for his age but he the next up. Why does he only do freestyles over beats from rappers from Queens, Nas, Mobb Depp, and 50 Cent. Nigga you not from Queens. We all seen you grow up a manison in Saddle River, NJ. Yo pops is from Hollins, Queens stop looking for street cred

  • Fuck Ya Life


    I was just about to put the same shit.

  • Diggy is nice, but that was super weak!

  • This wasnt cool, but Diggy still has flow

  • Diggy’s flow seemed off-beat towards the end… But he’s still nice though

  • How y’all hating on kid that’s 16years old…..WTF? Old ass nerds.
    Young niggas getting money!

  • Diggy Simmons

    @AJ do you enjoy getting shitted on every fuckin day. I have a record deal you will NEVER ever get a record deal. Even Bizzy called you PUSSY BONE.

  • Rap Radar

    @AJ you win Rap Radar bitch of the year!!!

  • JC (White Guy)

    walks away at the end with a pair in his hand like i worked hard to get these, nigga please.

  • Aj

    @Diggy Simmons, u have a record deal because your dad is Rev Run. Well I guess that doesnt anything, because these days anyone can get a deal. You are proof of that faggot. @Rapradar,yeah gettin the most bitches than the rest of you faggots on here. Tell ya wide pussy mommas to give me a call.

  • Donn

    @AJ good for you. You get shitted on everyday and still come back that dedication. Congrats on being Rap Radar bitch of the year


    dude got a voice and a flow but bars i don’t know…that was a okay freestyle


    Only clicked on it for the Beats “Detox Editions” That he’s wearing

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  • I

    Honestly from a girls point of view(which i am) i think hes reallllyyyy gooood even though he is so sexy i think he can and will make it out there he might not be from queens but hes rap game fits it! but thrats just me you all have your opinions and that good all these negitive comments are going to make him stronger even though yall are trying to be hurtful even though you think you are just speaking the truth think about if it was you……

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