J.Cole Explains Album Title; Jay-Z Verse Status

Rap-Up caught up with Jermaine out West. He explains the meaning behind the title of his upcoming debut Cole World: The Sideline Story and reveals the producers involved on the project. He also says that he’s still waiting on his verse from Jay-Z. Hear how it sounds on September 27th.

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  • mrcapela

    Cole World 9/27/11

  • Shade

    Cole World, real cole world~

    J. Cole bout to prove why he is one of the greatest new rappers

  • I’ve been rooting for Cole since he first came on the scene.

    Hopefully this will be the actual release date unlike last year.

  • dannidavito

    ^ what he says

  • mr.zee

    looks like the album is actually coming this time. cole world!

  • youngin

    I hate YN Elliot fag man

  • Subaru

    the Hov verse is not coming Cole..deal with it

  • Skin me up

    Cant fuckin wait

  • D

    cole aint droppin…


    thats real fuckin funny

  • DJ

    @Cold Death

    What’s wrong with have an R&B dude sing the hooks? All the greats from the past did it too!

  • RC

    This cat dont even know what the hell hes talking about.

    He’s confused by all his own ideas. I see why he came up with that single now.

    The more things show up the more I have low expectations.

  • Word

    OMG! I can’t fucking wait. I’m gona be the the first in line copin that album.I almost pissed myself when I heard Lost ones. Work Out is a classic.

  • john doe


  • Call Me Justin


  • downsouth

    cant wait for the album something new an different to bump

    damne how long drake had to wait for a wayne verse i swear wayne goes harder then these niggaz

  • Yeezy taught me


    wayne goes about as hard as ur grandafthers dick

  • RapMusic


  • Heat

    this nigga said work out is a classic….

  • Word

    I hope BIG KRIT really dropping that day too. Still waiting on his first single, but the promotion aint gonna be right for that one I can tell. Either way, this nigga got No ID on the album so im looking forward to that. He said Stargate at first and if I recall they only make pop or RnB records but luckily the song they made aint on the album.

    By the way, how was Big Seans numbers?

  • Sc_r

    Man Hov be on that bulllllshit.. Thought Cole said album was completely done. I just hope he don’t stray too far like work out.. But I can’t see Cole disappointing w a whole project! [email protected] ..didn’t stargate make black n yellow and roll up..

  • JHP

    Hov better drop that verse for Cole, if he doesn’t that is seriously whack. The only nigga under Hov’s wing that’s still successful today is Kanye. Other then that, Hov is horrible at maketing his rap artist. Anyway I’m kinda frustrated with Cole. He’s got a single, title, and release date, so I’m just hoping it sticks. As for the music itself, it’s gonna be dope. That one nigga talking about Cole making a pop album, just because he got an R&B singer on the hook, GTFOH! Cole said he would quit before he released an album full of pop songs

  • ColoradoKnight

    ^Cosign JHP,

    I’m a fan, but we’ll see? That “Work Out” record was a bit corny, IMO. With that Paula Abdul “Straight Up” recital at the end of the record. I understand making radio friendly records, but sometimes an artist can push it too far. But J. Cole is the only artist besides Kanye that is motivated and willing to get it for himself w/ the talent to back. Jay is a Diddy in a sense though when it comes to signing/marketing artists, because he’s still marketing/promoting himself as an artist. Doesn’t work.

    *Side Note* Cole needs to shave that unibrow.

  • Converse

    and LiveFromThaUnderground going to be str8 hip-hop

    @Cold pussy

    ?Where are they now? ^

    Dead or in jail faggot!

  • J. Cole needs to just release the album without JayZ verse that’s probably the hold up. Either that or put out a new mixtape, music is starving and radio repitiveness is getting aggravating.

  • Soul_Assasin

    This dude is a prime example of how much of a flop HOV is as running a record label. J.Cole has had one of the biggest buzz in the game for a good two years or so, and this dude still hasn’t put out an album. From what I can read in his post, he has loyal fans who are very supportive. His single “work out” is wack, “disgusting” was cool too bad he bit kanye style. If Roc nation dont get there shit together for this guy, he’ll be another Stat Qou, “oh that guy,” exactly!

  • Converse

    @Cold pussy

    Who [email protected]??? eh? must be ya fuck buddy haha go stick ya dildo in ya mouth faggot

  • FreshKidME

    cole talks like a 5 year old…. hahahaha

    and yo! don’t fuck with nate dogg!! that dude’s a legend!

  • me

    hov is always postin niggaz 4 verses and cole goes hard on that a star is born song…harder than hov.

  • Converse

    @Cold pussy

    DAMN man why you typing ya fanstay out?? man youre a disgusting homo

    man [email protected] is i guess ya fuck buddy? I heard its legal now in GAYYORK

  • Sean

    Cold world finna be a classic!

  • Ben Frank

    Cold death is a pussy! shut up hoe ass nigga! Fl is thiz bitch!