The Alchemist Jokes With TMZ

Are people this gullible? Last week, TMZ caught up with Alchemist and actor Scott Caan. For those born during the Clinton Administration, the duo used to rap as the group The Whooliganz.

Forever the jokester, Al told the paparazzi that he and Scott were reuniting and had plans of working with Vanilli. That’s right, of Milli Vanilli. Ha!

“I’m working on a joint with Vanilli … Vanilli making a comeback. And according to the Alchemist, Vanilli — is bringing his real voice to the recording sessions, adding, it’s “real shit dude  … Alchemist-Vanilli.”

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  • ppppp

    alc is my favorite person in rap

  • Dashing

    A lot of sites are reporting this as real and not a joke…crazy.

  • CiNo

    Could you just imagine if we all think it’s a joke, and the next thing you know… BAM! “New Vanilli album executively produced by The Alchemist” hahahaha MUCH RESPECT WILL BE LOST IN THAT STUPID ASS SCENARIO… Butit ain’t gonna happen…. Hopefully…. lol

  • Funk4urFanny


  • DIGGSY!!!

    Alchemilli Vanilli

  • Ben Frank

    Who dat craker?

  • Mya

    His management confirms this with TMZ, so why wouldn’t TMZ believe it.

    The corny Milli dude also works with DJ Tiesto, probably the world’s best paid DJ, says his mgmt.

  • I dont think thats a joke

  • jack ice

    hes bad person

  • jack ice

    only kids that work slow like his music

  • jack ice

    Eminem is life

  • eminem11

    that’s my bois music

  • eminem11