• How are Me Against The World and R U Still Down only NOW on iTunes? Whoever bought Death Row Records needs to start firing people.

  • yagga868

    All eyes on me??…Makaveli?


    If you don’t own a pac album you are not a real hip hop fan

  • i steal music

    pacs music has always been available digitally, it’s called the pirate bay

  • i steal music

    pacs music has always been available online, it’s called the pirate bay

  • Also live on Muve Music from Cricket, not just itunes! Top feature live in the Muve Music store now. download every single track and albums unlimited all baked into the rate plan for $55 a month!

  • @alexg662

    @ ReaLIsBack

  • Dre

    We don’t need tupac here in the west nomore we got the king of the west coast GAME here..y’all niggas could have his played out music..game is here now still reppin

  • DJ


    All eyez on me & Makaveli

    Already were on itunes!

  • Donn

    Their keeping Pac relevant. Im not a fan but for those who are its a good look

  • Braniak

    I mean who doesn’t have this already??

  • Tupac back?!

  • Word

    FUCK. iTunes is fuckin up the music industry

  • Belize

    about damn time -_-

  • Converse

    Eh? whatever tangible>>>>>>>>>>>

    And I need to stop skimming RR post titles lmao

  • LA


  • nino

    tupac is really back

  • Soul_Assasin

    Limewire needs to comeback! iTunes is lacking alot of Hip Hop albums, De la soul early work is not on itunes, ready to die had the original samples strip away. Bottomline, iTunes is shitting on real hip hop!

  • James


  • Anon DCPL

    been had these.


    your not a fan?? but your a fan of nicki minaj,drake,wayne,ross?? are you 15?

  • Donn

    ^ Why cant someone just not like Pac DAMN. I dont have to like what you like

  • Top 5 dead or alive!