MellowHype BlackenedWhite Trailer

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Odd Future’s sub-group MellowHype consisting of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain are preparing to re-release their project, BlackenedWhite on July 12th. For now, here’s a quick promo clip for the album.

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  • Dope album, Very Dope album. I fucks with Hodgy and Left brain. I wonder how this is all gonna turn out for these dudes but that’s another day and another conversation. I’m on the wall about buying the re-release though. Buying 3-4 new songs and a booklet. I’m gonna either itunes or, if they say some crazy shit between here and there(Hodgy), I’ll just download the shit

  • Amalgam Digital

    artists submit tracks here and get a chance to be on a mixtape with max b, joe budden, lil b, and young riot!

  • Dre

    Chris brown is still lookin for you fuckboy…you beterrun when you see em you midget

  • I’m gonna say it again. All these niggas need to die.

  • BK James

    The problem with re-releasing this is instead of adding extra track they’re CUTTING 4, including the joint with Earl. Why would anyone want top pay for something incomplete?

    Watch my Dome

  • Obama

    Cool… Skateboarding as a fashion accessory… These dudes can’t skate for shit… Not that it has anything to do with their music, it’s just corny when you see somebody claiming shit that ain’t real in the least bit… And for the record, their music sucks…

  • Everybody else