New Music: Future x Drake “Tony Montana”

Say hello to the bad guy—well, actually the official version of Future’s track with a new verse from Drizzy. Off of Mr. X‘s upcoming mixtape, Freshly Baked coming soon.

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  • jada jada

    ok ok not first

  • CJ

    That guys voice is soo fuckin annoying… had to skip to Drizzys verse.

  • jada jada

    ok ok not first 1

  • onanigga


  • ZoomZoom

    Is this future guy the one on Racks?

  • Amaya

    Yep @ZoomZoom

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Sounds like this annoying voice nigga beat Rick Ross to this track cuz this sounds like on his subject matters. Don’t matter either way the shit is wack.

  • yep

    skipped straight to drake

  • pablo escobar jr

    wtf is this.? sounds like “future” combined rick ross and weezys flow and tried to make it his. no originality. drake would co-sign that garbage.

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    this song sucks…. you bloggers are the biggest dick riders in the world. when dude sends the song just tell him it sucks… don’t pretend. damn!!

  • Word UP

    This song is so fucking wack aside from Drakes verse. Why would Drake waste time with this shit?

  • Sealey

    drake threw away a hot verse on this track….I’d give him a pass if he recycled it 🙂

  • this is steaming dog shit. 40 seconds to get to the verse and when you do it sucks ass. He must have saved drake form a car accident or someshit

  • -__-

    WTF!!!!!!! why does this man sound like he hasn’t swallowed? drake sounds different

  • 203

    what kinda garbage is this….this is mad gay….drop the single already drake

    U make whack niggas sound nice lol

  • This is garbage.This guy must have pulled Drake from a burning building.

  • Julian

    A waste of time other than Drake’s verse. Future’s voice sounds constipated!

  • Geebz

    drake talkin about niggas and hoes like the dude was anywhere near that shit growin up. guess it aint nothin new, wheelchair jimmy tryin to prove he’s black and can act rap

  • yupp

    drake back on that bullshit with sean,taking his newer flow AGAIN,and saying i did what they projected?

    im thinking ye leaked that all the lights remix to cut ties with these fruits.

  • SWAG


  • Donn

    I’m saying this right now so I can be the first one. in 5 years Drake will be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Who can compare

  • no1

    Drizzy NO. Just no. Lets be sure, Drizzy, to study and research the greats…

    Reference Jay Z: “and I aint animated like say a Busta Rhymes”.

    Let this future idiot f#%$ up HIS future. U r our 2012 jay z. Dont slip cuzin. Dont let these ppl mk u slip.

    Like Tip said: “quit worryin bout these negas… f$#% these neega” lol

  • Donn

    I dont agree wit my imposter up there. But im a Drake fan. Its amazing how trolls are obsessed with usernames lol

  • Amaya

    @RN he didnt’ send it to us, no one said we liked it…no one said we hated it either

  • no1

    Cosign Donn

  • Duh Nigga

    such a waste of a drake verse cause now i will never hear it again because the song is ass


    Wiggity whack

  • @RayGoldie305

    Pure garbage. Sorry Drake.

  • JHP

    I’ve always hated this song, Drake’s verse is the only part of this I’m tryna hear. Future f*cked his own song up, the hook is repetitive. And his accent/flow is a mixture of Himself, Weezy, Ross, & Al Pacino, it sounds horrible. Not even Drake’s verse could save the song, though it was fire

  • DeeRawz

    TRASH flush this shit…..whats the excite ment with tony montan he was a coke head prob wanted fuck his own sister killed he best friend and died a horrible death… thanks

  • yeah

    is this guy constipated?

  • Infamous_R_

    Lol @ Drake And the vallium talk. ok drizzy. Life getting too hard? or Is the weeknd telling you that shit is in? Fuck outta here

  • That Nigga

    Drake’s flow is always dripping with the highest quality of swag, period

  • Citylivin’

    it’s amazing the things you discover from one song….no originality smh.

  • Takeoff Zebra Baby

    Drake was on a little roll there, 3 for 3, but the streak just ended in disaster. This is so bad its actually funny.

  • Bigg_Aristotle

    Its Georgia music, Future just puttin out wats hot in da A. And right dis nigga Future riddin, yall goin to come around.

  • TheChosenOne

    I think this guy Future got his hands on an old Drake verse and made a song with it.

  • tohottie

    OMG drake killllllled this, yeah the other guys voice is weird. Drake needed to be on this whole track.

  • TheCool

    Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt thhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is this?

    Why the fuck does that faggot nigga Future sound like that? Why does this beat sound like those free FL Studio beats yu can download on youtube? WHY the fuck does Drake sound like Lil Wayne? (flow was arright tho)

    This shit is a DISASTER.

  • Shade

    His voice is kinda annoying. Drake’s verse is the only thing people going to be listening too. What can I say? You people say Drake sounds the same on every track but when he switches the flow you still have a problem. He can never win with you idiotic trolls and he shouldn’t have too

    @TheChosenOne: nah can’t be Drake said OVOXO in it

    @Takeoff Zebra Baby: Don’t even count this my dude

    @no1: co-sign. This isn’t even Drakes fault ive noticed everytime he gets on a record with another person his verse and flow depends on the beat and the other persons verse flow to make sure it sounds right with it. So it is the artist’s fault if they dont bring the heat because neither will Drake. It all depends on them.

  • Inglish

    He does sound like big Sean flow wise
    I guess he doesn’t care if we notice it or not

  • rapfan

    is it me or does drake flow and voice sounds eerie similar to meek mill voice and flow!

  • Lacartel

    Drake did his thing.. He used 2 be a lot better tho smh.. Follow me @la_cartel

  • ethug

    so much good music on the internet and ya’ll post this?

  • Da Truthhhhhhhhh!! Hurts!!


  • 25,000 up

    Drake just jumped on the hottest song in atlanta…smart if u ask me…he probably was n onyx or somethin mad cause the dj wasnt playn his shit..heard that fly atl shit and said whoa

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  • Ashlyn Weaks

    i liked it 🙂 fuck what yall says i loves it dats my shitt

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  • Fuck u haters this song has meaning and goes hard AF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • po-sfwriter


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