New Video: Jay Rock “Just Like Me”

Jay Rock keeps it G and bottles up his everyday struggles with his latest clip, directed by Jerome D. Remember to Follow Me Home on July 26.

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  • I’m Just Me


  • Marko-V

    Nice track. Waiting on Black Hippy tho @markomania

  • dannidavito



    fo real!one of the realest song ive heard!

  • How cool is gangbangin? This one is real

  • DMJ

    Real talk, unfortunately people would rather listen to the bullshit rick ross keeps putting out… I hope Jay Rock keeps doing his thing, change the game one listener at a time

  • Anon DCPL

    ^^rick ross is a faggot & I hope TDE never does any collabos w that lame.And if they ever do, those will be the tracks I will be deleting off my shit haha

    hip hop has become too friendly w everyone, and everyone always trying to do shit together, takes away that competitiveness, niggaz kissing ass too much, just like the NBA, how everyone is cool and too scared to drop a nigga on his ass when he drives to the hole.

    this track is on point tho, buying this shit when it drops!

  • DMJ

    @Anon DCPL: i completely agree that hip hop has become too friendly and too much of a “let’s all work together mentality” Your supposed to want to be the best mc and that means you compete against everybody else. That doesn’t mean dudes need to be beefing but just work with the handful of artist you respect and and do your own thing. Now anyone who gets in the game releases projects with 20 features because they feel like they need to work with whoever is hot at the time. Whatever happened to creating your own movement?

  • This is CRAZY. I almost slept on this, but wow. This is DOPE

  • Converse


  • rahrahrah

    I can support this. Not the easiest song to bump, but the visual is so on point.

    Note to artists. This was an inexpensive video to make because the lyrics are so compelling. It’s only when you’re talking about nothing that you have to spend money on having your homeboys hanging, and cars, and girls to distract everyone from your bullshit message.

  • Aj

    Whattt? You bitch ass niggas actually like some real music for a change? This nigga raw, he better than a lot of these other rappers.

  • dopedeala

    whos singing when it goes “just like me , just like you”