YN Playlist: N.E. Forever

Didn’t make it down to Nawlins this past weekend to watch the Beantown bunch reunite. Oh well, I’ll just reminisce over all their great tunes. Share this soul music with your seeds, son.

1. “Candy Girl”

2. “Popcorn Love”

3. “Jealous Girl”

4. “Is This The End”

5. “Cool It Now”

6. “Mr. Telephone Man”

7. “I’m Leaving You Again”

8. “Lost In Love”

9. “Count Me Out”

10. “A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)”

11. “With You All The Way”

12. “If It Isn’t Love”

13. “N.E. Heart Break”

14. “Crucial”

15. “You’re Not My Kind Of Girl”

16. “Can You Stand The Rain”


17. “Once In A Lifetime Groove” (DJ Hot Day Blend) Salute to DJ Soul

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  • LA

    This is the orgin of hip-hop!

  • LA


  • rrahha

    ^^^^@LA…AKA BABY LA….WHAT U TALKING ‘BOUT FOOL! Great music, I remember them all growing up and playing them at parties, bbq’s, etc.

  • Devastation Inc.

    This generation’s Temptations.

  • Girl

    Where’s “Hit Me Off”???

  • I love it… I hate that missed ESSENCE MUSIC FEST, but proud of my boys… Everyone who knows me knows that… I am a die hard NE FAN so I appreciate the list… OK… I need you to bust with Part 2 of your playlist… because you need to include the HOME AGAIN album… that’s the BEST NE album all 6 members it doesn’t get better…

    Thank you for showing love to NEW EDITION… NE4LYFE


  • WTF

    OG Boy Band – and no cries of molestation years later, thank goodness! @CandyGirl4Lyfe: You said it perfectly plus Hot Tonight – that was a great Grown ‘n Sexi sound for them.

  • Shit.. YN should’ve thrown in some of the solo joints as well.



  • DunkDonDaDa

    good looking YN i requested this list about 2 weeks ago .original R&B BBoys

  • franky knuckles

    YN respect!!

  • The Greatest Group of My Generatoiion. Hates that I never got the NWA Reunion album but this reunion cuts more. It’s a tragedy that we’ll never get another Proper Album nor That Movie.

  • *Generation

  • @Myke Wayne never say never…. The Fellas are all on twitter and they are talking about an album. Don’t know if any of you are on twitter but you can follow them and they are very social @mikebiv @rondevoe @ralphtresvant @mrrickybell @realjohnnygill @kingbobbybrown. So yes things are in the works. And If you guys haven’t heard Johnny new song In The Mood check it out on ITUNES. They don’t stop now if we can get them a star on Hollywood Blvd that would truly put icing on the cake.

  • Just buy the gold collection – has every song except candy girl, in full HQ.

    Oh wait, you listen to hip-hop, so that means you don’t have good credit or a credit card, and generally steal music.

    OK, YN’s playlist might work out for you then,

    Great selection in that case….

  • Seems the guy above is an attention whore ey?