Behind The Scenes: Maino x Roscoe Dash “Let It Fly”

Maino and Roscoe shot their new video a few days ago in Long Island. HHG was on location with cameos from Reek Da Villian, Fred The Godson, Uncle Murda and more.


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  • Josh

    Maino is a joke…..

  • …………

    All the real niggas never get any love and all the fakes do, Whats going on.

    He went to jail for kidnapping and trying to ransom his drug connection, which landed him in prison for 10 years and now he is doing this.

  • The Hater

    ^u just have to realize that too many people are living lies, so when someone who’s real comes around they all get uncomfortable.

    For the record I don’t like this song but if one of these new gay ass rappers were on it, it would prolly be bigger

  • Wildstylerep

    Theres a difference between giving props and supporting wack artists. Plus another nigga dickriding the south. If your gonna make south music at least make good shit. I never was a fan of Raheem from juice anyway, nigga cant rap. I was more interested in the cameos than the song.

  • Converse

    Its alright but Maino is to damn repetitive?Let it fly? nigga STFU lmao

    O yeah he can be ?REAL? all he want that doesnt mean he can rap or make decent songs

  • The Voice of Reason

    Crucial question: does anyone, anywhere, like Maino’s music?
    I don’t give a FUCK if “he a real nigga,” dude has literally never made 1 second of music that was better than just OK