• GOOD

    Lil B- I Hate Myself. awesome sample

  • Chan

    I don’t understand this section “Breaks” is this suppose to be good music, funny music, are they making fun of these songs – I don’t get it.

  • Bryan

    I don’t get breaks either.

  • I’m me

    @chan it’s samples that are used in songs

  • still best rite now!!

    Good post! Man whoever chopped this for Lil b did they thang, he always has stellar beats tho..

    OMG, Thank You BasedGod, YN gives his wife as a sacrifice…

  • HK

    I know I’m multitasking right now but I’m obviously missing something with this breaks section — will have to give’em another listen

  • Doe Money

    Can we get some alice in chains on this bitch…


    the way the BREAKS are posted is stupid and confusing, although potentially a cool thing.

    There is never any information given and the title is usually a reference to a song that isnt even the one the sample is from!?

  • Takeoff Zebra Baby

    Breaks should just be either particularly good samples or particularly good songs that were sampled. Not just the entire Lil B album breakdown, I mean, who gives a fuck?

  • southern_belle

    this is my SHIT!

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  • DIGGSY!!!

    @red cafe

    yeah YN does that on purpose. thats the whole point. and before there was the internet you actually had to go out in the world and find shit like this. fuckin youngins

  • Fuck A Bitch

    Yes, because niggas are so eager to know what samples the leader of the “Bitch Mob” sits his fuck ass raps over.

    It’s funny, I can call people who are Lil B fans “bitches” and they won’t get mad. You Bitches! Fuck The Breaks you BITCH.

    Hipsters, and lil magazine editors, and these lil marketing squares are the TRENDIEST people and swear they aren’t.

    Get off this fruit cakes sack and put up some samples from some actually knockin’ records.