• iiiii

    hahaha da brat is garbage

  • belly

    this was shit when i was 9……

    when i was tho 9

  • Converse

    Hairy legs Monique ate that pussy back stage? nasty hoe?

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  • Shawn



    I use crush on Brat but fuck it she still can rock a mic!

  • Rennal

    da brat…tryna make a comeback..what yall think??
    …Six flags giving back after laying off over 1,300 people.. http://goo.gl/v60Qz 4 tickets..shit my whole fam going now!

  • mr.zee

    shit i was like 3-4 years old…

  • wickwickwack

    the good ol´days …
    return of the ol´school .JD needs to connect with the ol´so so def artists and make a big tour

  • the One

    That was dope!! Nice to see Brat back but damn get yourself a stylist!!!!

  • that was a very good performance. im still fuckin wit Da Brat. i need to check out that mixtape

  • franky knuckles

    the fool that said da brat is garbage, please stay away from this site. for gaylord technolovers there are other sites… SO SO DEF IN YA AREA!!! ALL DAY, ANY DAY!!!

  • I fucks with Da Brat. Glad to have her back