New Video: Cee-Lo x Wiz Khalifa “Bright Lights, Bigger City (Remix)”

[vodpod id=Video.12528982&w=540&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Back in March, we got the first version of this video, but Cee-Lo nor Wiz were featured in it. Today, we get them both lighting things up the ways they should. The Lady Killer in stores now.

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  • Jeffro

    I’m not sure if this is music, or stuff they use for runway models….either way it was a waste of my time….Cee Lo needs to call Dangermouse and get some production that sounds less like the Bee Gees

  • Leroy

    Why does Wiz have to laugh like a tool at the start of every rap and say the EXACT same lyrics as every other song? “Im tailored” “We made” “We got bread” “Im ballin” REALLY?? Didnt realise from the first 100 times you said it.

    And how hard is it to rap to the flow of the song instead of saying half a sentance then stopping, then starting the next half a sentance, he had good flow for about 2 seconds of that verse.


  • ColoradoKnight

    @Leroy, agreed. Wiz has to do that laugh every time? His lyrics are tedious as well. One thing I did notice from this video is that Cee-Lo loves whit women, hahaha.

  • i like that song and i like ce-lo’s voice cause its very nice.nuff said thou…..

  • Coop

    All I hear is hate, wiz is nothing but positive ! haterz haterz haterz TGOD !