• Dre

    Game is your father fuckboy..

  • Young Tom’s Assistant


    “Who is this random ass rapper? He has the darkest skin I’ve ever seen. This video is killin his shit http://bit.ly/oxNAO9. Holla.”

  • D

    rassy is back!

  • YeBoy

    Game is your father fuckboy..

    You fucking fool, Rass is a legend

  • Dope,

  • Anon DCPL

    Ras will always remain the most slept on emcee in hip hop, his lyrical skill is beyond most niggaz comprehensive skills. Van Gogh woulda been a fucking hip hop classic if these faggot ass labels didn’t blackball him.

    I’m a westcoast nigga for life, an enjoy Games music as well, but Ras will rap circles around him.

    this track is dope.

  • O

    Lafayette Kikin that shit

  • GTFO

    @ O You are a fool for that one. LMFAO

  • This is classic

  • Jhon da Analyst

    The Almighty Ras Kass……the Goldyn Chyld……Always #1 in my book……..The thinkin man’s rapper…Thanks Tony Grand$ for that line……no pun intended

  • Hi Gayme!

    Game will never make magic w/ Dre like this -> http://youtu.be/DFC3RY5qoNk

    Ras needs an executive producer and stop rapping over these dated robotic ass beats.

  • Sharon thompson bka Sharrocks

    crazy skills this is the bomb