New Video: Tyga x Chris Brown “Snapbacks Back”

Tyga and Breezy snap to it and dish out a new video dedicated to those flimsy-ass baseball caps. Fitteds or nothing!  Tyga’s Well Done 2 coming soon.


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  • Sam from FL

    Breezy thuggin now? LOL….funny to hear

  • Converse

    Ahh nah bruh bruh snapbacks are NOT back

  • So The Song Started As A Dedication To Fallen/Murdered Artist Tupac Shakur & Has Now Been Degraded To Reeboks & Snapbacks ??

  • clint eastwood

    Breezy thuggin now? LOL….funny to hear

    That’s what i was gonna say

    These people get a bit of money and fame and it goes to their head

  • bob

    I know Big Sean and TI$A somewhere shaking there heads

  • they should’ve remade THIS >

  • RapCritic

    Omarion really ? Chris Brown your the biggest pussy I have ever seen. Do as all a favor and shut the fuck up. Becasuse Big sean started it. faggots

  • Dre

    They did bring snapbacks back..they needed big Sean an it would of been REALLY official…sick song Chris is taking this rap shit by storm…n before someone brings up cool kids they were wearing them but they didn’t make them popular

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  • Dre

    tyga invented this whole old school trend dumbfuck…he started wearing Tisa wayyy before Sean did..n he started wearing raider snapbacks when Sean was still rocking BBC and ice cream

  • dillweed

    these guys did not bring snapbacks back that would have to go to the cool kids sorry but nice try

  • Dre

    Yes bro the world wears them cuz of the cool kids ..

  • Neff

    I dont fuck with trends but @Dre Naw cool kids brought them shits back years ago they started that shit

  • weez

    “These people get a bit of money and fame and it goes to their head”

    you see what he did to rhianna? this is the real chris brown emerging

  • Young Tom’s Assistant


    “Breezy became a loser after beater the girl and tyga is a nerd. This is a better video”

  • Craddyshaq

    everyone who says snapbacks arent back, you’re blind as shit.. we sell out of those hats in a heart beat everytime we get a shipment in.. get hip bitches..

  • DJ

    R&B Dude > Tyga

    How does an R&B singer rap better than so called rap artist.

    Tyga = Fail

  • Dre

    Why weren’t people wearing them years ago then? Chris is stating they made then popular again..which they did.

  • Hip Hop Head

    Only thing I liked about thi song is the shot Chris Brown took @ OFWGHJTJHGHGFHFHDD whatever the fuck they’re name is at the end of the song. Other than that this nigga need to stick to singin & let the real MC’s MC.

    #HipHopWontDie #EVER

  • Agree with @dre Cool kids were wearing them for a while but didn’t make them popular.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I fuck with snapbacks. As far as these niggas go tho, CB is a fucking clown and Tyga is wack.

  • YN

    Hova brought them back Ha!

  • ur crazy

    chris brown nd tyga didnt even bring snapbacks back, both are clowns and the song is horrible

  • freshprince

    they didnt even bring snapbacks back, both are clowns and the song sucks

  • bob

    the fact that they blew it up doesn’t excuse the more important fact that they bit the style. Sort of like wayne claiming bape like pharrell and the clipse wasn’t already affiliated designing and modeling the shit.

  • Quan

    @bob Sorry man it do *kanye shrug* Those hats are ugly man i want wear that shit! my dad rock them so he brought them back smfh

  • Rico

    Singers wanna rap and rappers wanna sing. Weird.

  • Anon DCPL

    some of you niggaz writing like a bunch of lil high school girls about who wore shit first and so on.

    fuck this faggot ass fad (cause its not a trend) and fuck this track, ill stick w my fitted caps.

    Tyga can go back to his cousins crib and be a backup rapper to his cousins faggot ass band, gym class heroes or whatever the fuck they’re called.

    and fuck Tisa, over priced swap meet clothes.

  • Los

    I can careless about trends, but snapbacks came back into fashion around 09, in New York. NY brought it back and spread the trend to near by states. Rappers never brought it back, NY did.

  • Word

    Wow. Tyga you been so fucking wack recently. Black Thoughts 1 was a great mixtape. Fuck the bullshit you been on recently. This shit is so wack. How you let Chris Brown eat you on a track? Prolly cuz you saying lines like “Your ass flat like a flap jack, wack.” or some shit, whatever the fuck you said. Shit was wack as fuck

  • Guare

    anybody could rhyme now.. it dont matter.. thats how wack made the game by accepting anybody.. anybody sound good anybody could talk bout crome and big guns ands all the bullshit.. coke dealing..this what u get.. bunch of fluad ass niggas.. this the product of your hip hop..this what u made on that note .. shout out to the white girl mob..cause thats what ya niggas turn this shit too..shout out waka gucci shout out soulja boy.. shout all them niggas out.. cause this what it is now.. shout out to chris brown rap album coming soon…just shout it out .. u might as well.. cause this what it is..

  • The Real DJ Shaled

    Anyone catch the OF diss at the end of Breezy’s verse….thought the beef was over? #getoverit

  • M.E.A.N.


    this was in 2008, tyga brought snapbacks back!

  • M.E.A.N.
  • M.E.A.N.

    Chris Brown know damn well he aint bring shit back!!!!! tyga better put his foot down!!!

  • Stu Pickles

    Burning hats?! Agro rapping about hats?! Jesus Christ, I wish chicks at the Royal Wedding made a song about their hats. FRILLY HATS BACK!!!

  • The Cool Kids started that shit anyways

  • Koza

    This track go hard as a mofo! #SNAPBACKSBACK!

  • iiiii

    idk why people like tyga.. he sucks……. thats why hes on young money…..

  • Duh

    lmfao I’m in tears off of this! Did Chris really say, y’all lucky his situation and probation won’t let him carry the chrome??? This was the same ninja who was crying with a snotty nose on BET asking for forgiveness. I can’t take him serious. He’s from tappahanock VA, chit is major country out there. Cows and everything. FOH with that tuff guy talk Chris, you were the same one trying to dead the beef you gassed on twitter. Two lames shouting at a screen. For the record, Cool Kids been rocking snapbacks.

  • Duh

    Lmfaoooo @Stu Pickles stop my side hurts from laughing so hard!

  • yep

    most people dont even know who The Cool Kids are so if they were wearing them first they didn’t “bring them back” because they didn’t make them popular, they just wore em. I could start wearin hammer pants tomorrow but if a large number of people dont follow suit BECAUSE OF ME, I’ll just be walkin around lookin dumb af in hammer pants.

  • ColoradoKnight

    How is Tyga relevant? This kid have an album out?

  • phraynkhp

    whoever tryen to defend fitteds is a clown…ugly ass shits only bald muthafuckas rock fitteds so bitches dont be knowin they bald n shit

  • rico

    I don’t givee a shit about those hats.
    But i give a shit about the girls in the clip i know the girl wite black hair and bassebalstick is a pornstar could someone tell me her name? Contact me on [email protected] thanks

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