Jay-Z Speaks On Derek Jeter’s 3,000th Hit

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During the NY Yankees win over the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday (5-4) at Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter became the first Bronx Bomber to earn 3,000 career hits. After the game, Jay-Z, who was in attendance, spoke on Jeter’s milestone. Hov’s right, the fan that caught the ball is crazy.

Sidebar: Jay-Z Captures 3,000th Hit

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  • Word

    Two things. One, nice snapback

    Two, I wanted the 3000th hit to be a homer but im thinking that shit is something out a movie shit ain’t gonna happen. But then it did. Shit was crazy. Congrats to the nigga Jeter.

    All sports fans should.appreciate this. That being said, we want football!!

  • rob

    watch the thronne

  • Jay-Z is wearing snapbacks now? You’re not the GOAT but a FOLLOWER you are…


    Gotta luv Jigga’s take on it. Jokes aside, I’m not one bit of a Yankee fan, but I respect Jeter to the highest of extents. Best thing about it, no one could’ve drawn it better. Gotta luv sports.

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  • conflict

    Congrats but the dude that caught the ball should’ve got some paper

  • number 1 hov stan

    what happen to my nig. used to be the number one trendsetter. did it wit d.o.a and errthing. now he’s following line. losing respect for u hov!





  • Original Will

    Jay was prolly trying to buy that ball on the low for the 40/40 club and the news ppl caught him and interviewed him LOL n he was going to try to rape jeter poccets hustling ass nigga

  • JDot

    Ah, WTF. The Dude who caught Jeter’s 3000 HR hit, gave the ball back for nothing in return????

    Like HOV said, dude is a better man then me… Ha..

  • Hatin 101

    Can this bitch nigga just lay down that Cole verse already?

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  • Jaymalls

    Yankees were out in the BX in full affect. Wild white people were out n about like they were in the hood… lol! I know a couple of them got got on the train… almost had 2 stop 1 on the 6 #REALTALK Anyway, congrats Jeter. Couldnt have scripted it better then that. I also would have sold the “Ball” <- #PAUSE for around 1 million. #NothinLess

  • coooooooooolllll


    fucke up stoned freemason. jim jones >> gay-z

  • Crack

    whos this nigga jay-z??? and why are his opinions always so relevant??? you people aint got your own opinions or what??? jay always have to tell you how to live your life??? this nigga aint no god so stop following him!!!

  • Lol @ he aint no GOD… he’s a legend to many of us that grew up on him …. older cats had their Rakim, Kane. KRS etc – though I know their music, I didn’t grow up in that era – we just enjoying it man, nothing serious – it’s just ill to see certain things like this.

  • Crack

    @poeticassasin yeah i understand that, i like most of his songs too but im talking about the people who really worship him as their GOD, i know many many of them and thats totally WRONG! i also grew up in the reasonable doubt era, his music is very fine but thats all! he aint no better human than me or you because he got more paper and fame, there is nobody who stands above someone else in this world, we are all equal! thats what ive tried to say, to love his music is okay but to dickride him everytime because of his success is just stupid and a “groupie behaviour”…start to respect and love yourself, have your own thoughts and ideas instead of following other people lifes, become your own LEGEND in your own life!

  • KRS-2

    You know people that actually worship Jay-Z as a God? First of all, you have a seriously fucked up group of friends. Second, what do they call their religion? Just curious.

    And as far as the kid that caught the ball, he didn’t get any money as far as I know, but he got 4 tickets to every game left in the season, signed jerseys, signed balls, signed bats, pennants, etc, free food for the rest of the season (he’ll use that lol), and I don’t remember what all else. Still crazy, but at least he didn’t get totally screwed.

  • Crack

    @KRS-2 no shit, i heard most of them say things like “i cant live without jay-z”, “he saves my life”, “jay-hova (JEHOVA) is my messiah”, “i would kill someone who says something bad about jay” and things like that. lol no these people are not my friends, i just know them and they havent built a JAY-Z CHURCH or wrote a JAY-Z BIBLE or something lol but their lifes are filled with JAY JAY JAY every day! just like a little girl who got million pictures of justin bieber and who would die for him you know … they have no religion, they call themselves ATHEISTS! they have no religious god in their life so they search gods in humans …

  • KRS-2


    In that case, I can see why you’d get annoyed, but really I would just try hanging out with different people. In the midwest, I’ve never come across anybody that acts at all like you’ve described, (although the Lil Wayne dickriding got pretty pathetic a couple years ago), but it does seem like RapRadar’s job to post shit like this, seeing as its a rap blog and everything. The problem seems like its more with what dumb people do after they get the info, than the info itself.

  • ILL

    How the fuck nigga gonna say all this shit about Jay and yal niggaz clicked on the video, watched it and also typed a paragraph about the guy? Yal sound like fans too stupid mufuckas if a nigga bothers you that much dont click on videos that invole him dumb asses

  • Your Mother’s “friend”

    SMH @ u niggas , the irony is you have Jay’s name in your mouth more than Jay stans , writing full length paragraphs & whatnot @Crack,&KRS-2, looks to me like the only ones worshiping Jay here are you

  • SoundScan

    @crack …lol calm dwn brother..u bout to have a heart attack ova some simple shit…let people do what they do…I was with u until u said the shit about everybody equal…listen brah..take time to become great at something and not just some angry Blogger..or better yet, before the most famous angry Blogger and then deliver everytime u blog as if u were hitting for the fences…

  • Word

    Whoa, the dude who caught Jeters 3000th gave it back….FOR NOTHING? Fuck that, I woulda sold that shit for…..3000 dollars matter fact, just because its ball 3000. Jay woulda bought the shit no doubt. Damn, thats one dumb ass nigga that did that though.

  • Jaymalls

    ^^^Ur DUMB! Honestly, you need 2 stop going to whatever church your currently attending… find another 1, find some friends that actually can school u on hip-hop/rap because i can tell u think most rap music is of the devil <-*DONT LIE." 3rd, go to college PLZ…<- experience life. You sound like you weren't allowed to leave the block ass a teenager… lol! I think your the type to deprive yourself of a good experience just because someone told you it was bad. take that leap bro…
    PS: I know people that argue all day over their favorite baseball, basketball, and football players. It doesnt mean they worship them. They just enjoy how they play them game #SIMPLE-AZZ-THAT!

  • Paul Vescey

    Man, dude wasnr as money hungry as some of you idiots. He did it bc he is a loyal fan, he told Jeter it was Jeters milestone not his. All people who say he shudda got some paper have never had paper.

  • Kilt

    ^including Jay, right?

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    New York Yankees greatest franchise in sports history. Congrats to Jeter. Who gives a fucks what Jay-Z has to say bout it he don’t know sports yall act like he a retired athlete are some shit… “They say you hot well they lied, is that girl well I just G’d her no A-rod”-J. Cole

  • Gee Ess

    “They say you hot well they lied, is that girl well I just G’d her no A-rod” I fux with Cole, but that line sux…OAN…..Congrats DJ3K!!!!!!


    @ Crack




  • Da Next Nigguh


    Jayhova is my god.

    Decoded is my Bible.

    Hova saves my life.

  • Crack

    @COLD DEATH, LMAO yeah thats what i call a “GOOD LIFE”

    @SoundScan, no bro, you misunderstood me with the “equal” point, i meant that we as humans are the same, no matter the color or race, our blood is red, and in gods eyes we are also equal, only racists seperate us…and i wasnt even angry lol, i go to college, i work hard to become great at something, im almost done with my study and just wanted to share my opinion in my free time in here, thats all, everyone can do what they want to, my comment was just a reminder that following a simple human is the wrong way

    “Remember that I’m just a man, don’t follow me, nigga” – The Point Of No Return by Immortal Technique


    jay=z thinking like me if i caught that ball all i want is 50k,couple signed jersey and then couple signed based balls jeter got paper that is not hurting him

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  • cece

    i swear bey must hate baseball cuz she only attended one and that was last year.

  • frank

    He doesn’t wear snap backs he wears a snap back. N go YouTube ain’t no nigga back in 96 that’s him in a snap back. 15 years ahead of the supposed trendsetters. Or look at the collision course dvd. Fuckin posers

  • Nat Turner

    I am a huge fan of Jigga, but if I ever had to hate on anything Jay done then that would be when Jay used a Tupac beat. A beat that Pac produced himself. In fact the only beat Pac ever produced and which in return, Kanye was nominated for a Grammy because of the songs production. Without giving you a storyline or details about why I hated Jay for that move, I’m gonna end this by saying I have no other reason to hate on Jay. But I notice others do and their reasons are not as good as the one I mention.

    Jay do him!

    WTT is coming soon

  • ymcmb

    thats not a snapback. its a STRAPBACK.

  • nikesb

    like the homey above said, all you fuckers talking shit are straight clowns. if you hate the dude so much, then why the fuck are you wasting your time watching his clip and writing essays about why he is so lame? fucking dumb ass negros.

  • majest

    @ crack….i feel what you saying but youre channeling your energy at the wrong target.You gotta ask yourself why is his opinion is so relevent?..do you think its an coincidence?…..no…its business even if it dnt seem that way.not to mention hes a yankee fan goes to the games,is from new york.he made a song (empire state) that the yankees adapted and plays at there games.He knows jeter personally,he owns a chain of sports bars(40/40)…so how is his opinion on this is not relevent?you say people praise this dude like he’s a god..well weight the two things!one turned water into wine and did amazing (god like) things in a story im sure you never read.the other rose from poverty stricken brooklyn ghetto and turned nothing into something not with a devine power but with words.he’s managed to achieve unimaginable success in your life time the gods are phrases you hear about today written by authors under kings ruling thousands of years ago….which is more tangible,more relate able?People are systematically wired to praise the god like….its the nature of the society we live in.hes in a space that a handful of people achieve.that there my friend you have to respect its what creates dreams that people have and reach for in life….in the words of jay himself…who you know like jigga…nicca!

  • hey


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    @Nat Turner I co-sign 100%, that was the only thing jay did that made me say WTF…but yeah ‘Watch the Throne’ is coming wether these fools like it or not..hahaha

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  • yo mamam

    people like jay-z and the assholes who worship him have no clue and are ruining ameriKa, this joe camel lipped looking babbon, is the most arrogant non talented bastard in the world, but wiggers and ni__ers have made him, reap what you sow asshole generation of no good rapping hip hop assholes.!!!!