• http://Rapradar Aj

    Seems like everybody in Chicago. Fuck Gew York.

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    Seems like everybody in Chicago. Fuck Gew York

  • TrooooTH

    Horrible. Good Gawd.. What the fuck.. Freddie is my mother fuckin man.. Turn down his fucking vocals.. This ain’t a concert this a fuckin radio show.. What the fuck.. Might as well Lip Sync.. What the fuck.. Rappers need to get on their game and hire sound engineers and do sound checks before the shows so they can get they vocals right.. Horrible..

    Disgraceful.. and people wonder why so many say that rap isn’t music.. This is disgusting.. Jesus.. If it can’t be done live.. I mean im almost speechless.. Electronica and DnB DJ’s are even better live and they just play samples but they still chop it up live…

    This is disgraceful.. You can hear him just finishing the lines because it even seems Freddie is mad his vocals are so high(from the record being played not his live microphone level)

    People should start asking for their money back if rap concerts continue to be like this.. Hire me.. Shit.. I got one semester and I grad. with a associates in Audio Engineering.. Ill set these mother fuckers up so that when someone is rapping its them.. Not the fucking RECORD playing louder than the mic levels.. So stupid.

  • TrooooTH

    Embarrassing. I dont know if im spelling that right but live Rap shows unless its Jay Z, Eminem or someone underground is just embarrassing.. Oh and to the rest of those no names on the stage GET THE FUCK OFF OF IT.. Just because you carry the weed and the homie cell phone for him dont MEAN YOU GET TO BE ON STAGE WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH RAPPERSS?????

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    @Trooooth, u sound fuckin stupid. There a lot of good performers. Jay Z is one of the worst. He is always so boring, never shows any energy. And thats the least he can do when most likely the song he is performing is garbage. What is wrong with you? No, seriously. Whats wrong? Jay Z? For real? Bone thugs give some of the best live performances. The songs are tremendous, classics, and you just feel that energy. You a stupid mutherfucker.

  • http://lameassnghs.com chubby

    crowd was ssssssooooooooo not with them damn shame…. smh….

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  • Tru Talk

    Damn that song is the Shit GANGSTA GIBBS!!! y aint the crowd rockin… they sleepin

  • Ulster Volunteer

    Gibbs is the fuckin man! bring on cold day in hell!

  • belly

    lol the crowd just look to cool to care

  • Brooklyn

    Nobody fuck with Chicago. Chicago will ALWAYS be in the shadow of New York. Nobody goes to Chicago to promote their albums. Ye the only one to really make and he was born in Atlanta plus he spends all his time in New York. Lupe just complains about his city all day then why rep it FUCK CHICAGO. ChicagHo isn’t even the best city in midwest Detriot and Milwaukee go harder then that weak ass city. NEW YORK> CHICAGHO







  • http://www.reverbnation.com/staticspot static

    was that milly vanilly there lip syncn shit garbage bad move freddie shouldd of stay solo.

  • Ric Party

    Fuck these bitch made niggas in new york, thinking yall started shit fucking goofies, yall city made up of a bunch of out of towners who you motherfuckers swagger jack from punks.
    CHICAGO<<<new york. insecure ass bitches.