ESGN: Freddie Gibbs “DJ 3 Stacks”

After noticing Freddie Gibbs’ insightful and often humorous observations on sports through his Twitter account, Rap Radar decided to give him a forum to express his thoughts on the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. It’s Gangsta Gibbs Wide World Of Sports. The black Bill Simmons is here. And for lucky number 13, Gibbs tips his hat to NY Yankee captain Derek Jeter on his 3,000th hit.

Mr. 3000, I used to like that movie with Bernie Mac. It’s rare that you see a guy get to 3000 hits. I think the last guy I saw do it was Eddie Murray and he was like 66.

I gotta show love to Derek Jeter.

YN asked me where I thought Jeter ranked as far as all-time Yankees players. I’d put him close to the top. 5 World Series rings, 12 All Star nods, 3000 hits and a stable of celebrity hoez ain’t bad for a 17 year career. The astonishing thing is that he did it all for one team. That’s unheard of in the free agent era of sports. Especially in baseball.

I was also surprised to see that Jeter was the first to hit 3k in a Yankee uniform. With muthafuckas like Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio somebody woulda been had 3000 hits in The Bronx. That just makes it all more special.

Another thing we don’t appreciate about Jeter is he’s been a class act his entire career. You don’t see him with a DUI or buying pussy on the street corner, his name wasn’t even mixed up in the steroid bullshit like half of his teammates.

Congrats DJ you’re in a rare club with guys like Roberto Clemente and Cal Ripken. You might not catch Charlie Hustle, but you’ll walk right into the Hall of Fame.

I’m out this bitch, I’m in the airport going to ATL and the flight attendant got a fat ass. Life is good.

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  • TY

    that was such a Thankyou basedgod moment

  • Guare

    i think he is on the top of the NEW LIST of yankees.. them other niggas is untouchable.. and if u have just one list jeter barely cracks the top ten and no body in the history is every going to match what them other niggas did.. u never going to have a nigga win 11 rings like yogi berra .. jeter on top of the new list of ultimate yankees and now he is the barometer .. cause on some real shit he aint even close to lou gehrig or dimaggio or fucking the mic babe ruth i mean comon b cut it out.. them niggas untouchable

  • Black

    ESGN is awesome … we may need a RR fantasy football league for us Hip Hop /sports junkies

  • puerto-black

    Fuck the Mets!

  • puerto-black

    I can’t say fuck the Mets?

  • Slim


    Great idea on the FF

  • My dude Freddie hit it dead on the head. S.O. to dj. Shazzamm