• feenixa


  • flawless

    sick never heard of this girl tell now but like the song.

  • niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sam from FL

    She been signed for a GOOD min then went indie to finally drop her album *cough* message to J Cole *cough*…………..shes dope.

  • dope


    shes the girl that sang the hooks on “Hip Hop Saved My Life” and “Little Weapon” off Lupes 2nd album, The Cool. shes a very talented songwriter as well..

    this song is dope, the concept is cool n both MC’s went in. check the rest of her album out, she has a song that she co-wrote wit Bob Dylan on it..

  • If you’ve never heard of her, you gotta check her out on The Cool… & most notably, “Paris, Tokyo” Remix

  • i don,t know if this is a real hit cause it sounds okay to me.nuiff said thou.l…

  • cruz00005

    and listen to hip hop saved my life

  • BE

    I love this woman and her music. I’ve been following her for a few years now. I’m excited for her… support!

  • is FNF still a crew?

  • SkidaRoc

    She ain’t on the Paris Tokyo remix, that’s Sarah Green. She’s on Hip Hop Saved My Life and Little Weapon off The Cool. Nice track Lu and Tariq did there thang on this.

  • ColoradoKnight

    this record is dope.

  • bnbn

    pennies in a jar?????

    my penis in her ass