New Video: French Montana x Trae Tha Truth “Cocaine Mafia”

For the title track off French Montana’s upcoming mixtape, he and Trae Tha Truth take to the project hallways for its visual aid. Cocaine Mafia finally arrives August 1.


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  • dll32

    this goes hard. I like the production. Sounds raw…

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  • Chan

    Does anyone really listen to French Montana? This guy sucks so bad. Max B was tight. French Montana brings absolutely nothing to the table. When you are (IMO) a worse emcee than, lets say, Waka Flocka Flame, you need to stop rapping. PLUS not only are the drug referenced raps played out. But what is even more played out are these wanna be studio made gangsters. Man yall arent fooling anyone. We no this is untrue. There a some rappers that sold a little drugs when they were younger. There are maybe a handful of rappers that were actually around weight. (Not that this is cool or anything, Im just stating the facts) Every rapper in the game wants to act like he is some drug kingpin. Its so fucking lame and annoying. What happened to just real music — Real Hip Hop.

    THIS IS SHIT !!!!!!

  • jhunter

    2011 plus Cocaine Mafiae equals REALLY! This shit is fucking silly. Regardless of what the track sounds like… “Cocaine Mafia”. When will my black people WAKE UP and stop perpetuating pure FAKE ASS BULLSHIT!! None of this shit is real. Like @Chan said “Studio Gangsters”. Killing one another and poisoning your community ain’t something to glamerize. This bullshit right here needs to die along with the time it was created in. Be real and just come with the music. Half these niggaz try and seperate themselves from being a “Rapper” like that ain’t what their doing. “I’m a real street nigga, I ain’t no rapper”. Then nigga STOP RAPPING, HIT THE STREET LIKE YOU CLAIM, AND I GAURANTEE YOU WOULD BE THE LAME NIGGA GETTING BUSTED ON EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE CUZ YOU DONE BROADCASTED TO A LARGE AUDIENCE THAT YOU SALE DRUGS AND KILL OR RUN WITH KILLERS…. GO AHEAD. You won’t even make it to BETs ‘American Gangsta’ list. Your first real deal would be with an undercover FED or snitch…. look at T.I. let him tell you.

  • Wave Gang


    Considering French Montana is approaching 100,000 followers on Twitter, i would say YES people are defenitely feeling his music. He has a huge street following. If you don’t like that dope boy type of music THAN DON”T LISTEN TO IT. Frenchy brings heat to the street.


  • cpmedia81

    im just happy a rapper from the area i lived in ny is gettn sum shyne.