YN Playlist: Mixtape Weezy

While you wait for Sorry For The Wait, here’s a collection of Mr. Carter black market excellence. That boy good.

1. “The Sky Is The Limit”

2. “Dough Is What I Got”

3. “We Takin Over (Remix)”

4. “Seat Down Low”

5. “Live From 504”

6. “I Can’t Feel My Face”

7. “Wasted”

8. “Run This Town”

9. “No Ceilings”

10. “Single”

11. “O Let’s Do It”

12. “Get Bizzy”

13. “Georgia… Bush”

14. “Sportscenter”

15. “This What I Call Her”

16. “Hustlin”

17. “Gettin’ Some Head”

18. “Motivation”

19. “U Gon Love Me”

20. “Down And Out”

21. “I’m A Ridah”

22. “Momma Taught Me”


23. “Get ‘Em”

24. “Workin’ Em”

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  • …………

    My little cousin was asking me the other day if Wayne is a real blood and gangsta so I slapped him

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  • Mr. A From Tha T

    IMO my favorite Weezy



    @ ELLIOTT!



  • JNEW


  • Mo Fiyah

  • JNEW


  • Yup !

    Da Drought 3 Blends >>> Da Drought 3

    ya dig…..

    HA !

  • Jordan Cohen

    Thanks to Wayne and Datpiff, everybody can flood the street with garbage mixtapes. Thank you internet!!!

  • downsouth

    banned from tv

    lame nigga talking bout his cuz asking if dude a real blood niggaz make up stories just to hate nigga you was better of typing first like you wanted to

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Why don’t you make a gucci or flocka mixtape playlist also.

  • whats the deal

    where’s “Get Em”?

    That song goes harder than any on that list

  • fuk waka!!!!

    ahhh The Sky Is The Limit – good times!!
    pure fire!!!

  • chillz

    YN doesnt know jack about Mixtape Weezy, if u want the real mixtape weezy go back to before the carter 2

  • chicity

    no download links?

  • dope

    Weezy needs to listen to this whole playlist n remind himself as to why niggas care about him right now in the first place..

  • sourcian


  • hater


  • Marko-V

    I might send this to the Mixtape Weezy. Smh Jay influences ur every move. U mite wear a snapback now that its been approved by Hova huh? @markomania

  • Kareem

    “Swag Surf” anyone? “Now women kicking it with me like Nomar Garciaparra”

  • mac DIESEL



  • Jbreezy

    haters gon hate! waynes a legend and always will be. how can yall forget tha carter and tha carter 2. and his young career. and hes still puttin out fire. this man got the game figured out and has more than enough $$ to prove it.

  • Cal

    Dedication 1 & 2 >>

  • at him^

    how do you download that with flashgot?

  • shawn

    how don’t you got his Upgrade you Freestyle??? Thats ridiculous !!

  • @_epiKiD_

    hoping Sorry 4 the Wait would be as good as No Ceilings, cuz that one was dopee as fuck

  • Friz

    This is a GREAT collection of his mixtape stuff. Mostly Dedication 1 + 2, as it should be.

  • cheetos

    La La La (not La La) should be on there, his top 5 best song for sure

  • Mr. 3-Times

    I’m be LeBron James if he’s Jordan…. No! I WON RINGS WITH MY PERFORMANCE, I’m more Kobe Bryant of an artists. Same coach same game been startin….. same triangle offense!

  • cmon son

    if you dont like wayne why you clickin on links about him to come and talk trash.. dont make no sense.. i hate gucci, soulja boy but i dont click on their links… if i did i sure as hell dont comment on how they suck and how Hov is better. Get it together son!

  • Corey c

    how bout cannon

  • G-Pimp

    Get real foo. U kome down here in da N.O. u get smoked 4 even questionin dat nigga. he Big Dogg

  • Berk ASTAM

    Thanks Elliot. Best Rapper alive..

  • crakavelli

    “walkin that line with a lot on my mind / i get that money never droppin a dime / i don’t hate, never, not my time / i put that little red dont on your mind / talkin that crime, but a llllot of ’em lyin” – Get ‘Em

    CRAZY flow wayne was ILLL back in the day? smh wat happened

  • Fela Kuti

    @Cmon son.real talk.

  • gunit makes the best mixtapes,period.

  • toad3527

    where is rep my hood from the i cant feel my face?

  • still best rite now!!

    pure dopeness

  • Truth

    2-3 yrs ago i would’ve loved this list , now IDK he lost it IMO, we will see what he can do starting tomorrow.

  • kush718

    damn you forgot prostitute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SkidaRoc

    Da Drought 3, Dedication 1& 2> Everything since……..

  • Word


    What?This should serve as a reminder as how could he can be. He been sooooo fucking wack recently, this shit brings back memories. Sky Is the Limit? The fuck? Most fire verse he ever had over another man beat. This shit is iLL. Maybe mixtape Wayne > Album Wayne? I dunno if thats the case or if he just fucking sucks now. This next mxixtape should answer that.

    But yeah, No Ceilings was classic. Same with the Droughts and Dedication 3. Wayne use to be nice on the mic. Now its “We in the building…yall on the front grass”


    WORKIN EM is the best song

  • Lugga

    Get ‘Em is the best off this list hands down.
    He needs to get dat syzzurp back and spit fiyah!

  • The only thing missing is Cannon, that verse is one of the hottests verses of the fucking decade. Line after line of first degree murder. This coulda been more thought out tho f’real.

  • hazz

    these joints don’t hold up.

  • i agree with @shawn…WHERE’S THE “UPGRADE U” FREESTYLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    what an abomination

  • good choices. a mixtape is the only arena i can stand to listen to wayne

  • Nahh

    Where is “rewind” or “bad side”?? His mixtapes with santana were fireee

  • Cali760

    YN put tracks from official mixtapes. Remember that a lot of fake DJ’s put wayne’s leaks in their own unofficial mixtapes and dropped them.