Nardwuar vs. Mac Miller

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While Mac Miller was in British Columbia he chopped it up with The Human Serviette. As always, another crazy ass interview.

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  • ishhhh


  • puerto-black

    Gettin high at 10? Narduwar forever

  • pablo escobar jr

    this was a boring narduwar interview.

  • BG

    Mac needs to find a dentist.

  • steel

    Mac put on for his city. Salute!

  • Jay

    What the fucking hell is Rap Radar still giving this talentless hack coverage for?? He isn’t a good MC and he looks like he has downsyndrome. Seriously WTF already???

  • Tyler, The Debater

    His teeth looks like finger nails haha

  • ClarkR

    I don’t like the music, and sometimes he is obnoxious, but he’s just a young kid having fun and being himself… I can’t hate on that.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Co-Sign ClarkR

  • Enough

    Mac Miller can go suck a dick, seriously he is the definition of corny and has zero appeal .

  • Y

    Mac Miller is garbage . I cant believe how these days shitty people be popular

  • Jake

    Fucking wack, Sorry Mac.