• Thought that was Emily for a sec, guess i should know better haha!

  • Protest

    Listen to “J Cole- See World” if you really wanna hear this sample put on a beat the right way. Can’t even listen to this song without wanting to hear See World cuz its a much better song

  • Nat Turner

    The song is dope but the video is kinda weak.

    I always wished Tupac actually made a video for his song PAIN. The closes we got is when he performed PAIN on Arsenio Hall and a different version that’s knocking this beat. Even tho the original is fire to.

    Fab should have made a video for REALLY DOE.

  • Aj

    Man, he and j cole for using this song. This song by tupac is too good. And Im going to do a song using this sample. And its going to be better and not copycatting because I been had the idea before these 2 lames.

  • I hate WSHH. Tag everything. It’s stupid

  • atron

    this is dope. im getting inspired by hop hop again. i can dig it

  • kid kid’s bag

    tupac & scarface pain is better

    “damn its smelly down here”

  • dll32

    Fav song off his latest mixtape

  • nyg718

    @Protest cudnt said it any better. ima young dude that really played the streets n did wat rappers rap about n still tryn to get out of it and u cnt play jcole or kendrick for 90% of these so called street niggas smh. n those 2 dudes is my favorite artist right now maybe ever. n there is a hip hop god cus jcole n kendrick is working together. cant wait for that music

  • wickwickwack

    rule´s version was actually better

  • DJ

    J. Cole “See World” is better!

    2Pac Pain > J. Cole See World >>>> Fabolous Pain

  • cjones

    I loved Friday Night Lights, but See World was a weak track compared to his other deep songs

  • feeling this fabo song, but not the video so much

  • Boy Rich

    Just makes me wanna listen to Pac’s version…

  • Trina Craft

    Go! Go! Go! Top of the pile!