• Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Z104 in VA played the fucking shit out of this song when I was like 11…..i used to fucking hate it.

  • get bucks

    U Lied To Me!!!

    That’s wassup!!!


    Ah man this is ma SHYITT right here! Props Spongebob!

  • Chan

    Man I used to listen to this song so much. This was the “get drunk, play this song late at night, and everyone tries to sing it” song. hahaha. I still love it. The long version with the piano in the beginning is so g. Good pick my man.

  • Black Shady

    damn classic

  • 2 songs in 1 ‘Breaks’ “The Mack” and “Im On”

  • Nat Turner

    This is his only banger. That song he came out with Trina was garbage.

  • Josh

    This is fire, how can i download this ?

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  • Wade

    TUUUUUUUUUNNNE!!!!! there was a time i hated this song….but it grew on me…..still crazy…..hated that Mann used it……i love when they used to cut a Bounty Killa song in it….in the scratching part…i forgot who’s the DJ in jamaica that did it…it was crazy…Good pick TY and YN

  • sway-z


  • Protest

    Never heard this song before, Gotta say that this is dope, and itll be stuck in my head for a couple days.

  • zee

    why does it have a drawing of a baby fetus on the cd?

  • I Hate This Song ……But When Alchemist Chopped It That Made Me feel Better …”rrrrrrrrrrrr Return Of The Mac”

  • belly

    i use to hate this song in the 6th grade

  • DRay

    @ protest
    how the fuck you ain’t heard this before

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  • Protest

    iono, im an early 90’s baby too so iono how I never heard it