Ms. Wallace Has No Time For Lil’ Kim

Just when things were going Monica’s way, she been hit with a setback. Her new single, “Anything (To Find You)” produced by Missy Elliott, samples Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” and also features Rick Ross and Lil’ Kim. B.I.G.’s mom, Ms. Wallace controls his estate (which includes recordings) has denied clearance for Kim’s appearance on the song.

Monica turned to her Twitter account to express her disappointment over Ms. Wallace’s decision with hopes of her reconsidering.

I am just finding out what has happened to my single and myself & Missy are beyond hurt that @LilKim was removed. She’s our friend, a legend & @LilKim will get the respect she deserves at all cost. The clearance was revoked & I’m fighting to get it reinstated by the Biggie Estate.

We respect all parties involved & were gonna do WHATEVER to keep the song as is because @lilKim the bizness on the record…I am as thorough as they come and I LOVE @LilKim bottom line is Ms Wallace has the final say and she said No. If we put it out we get SUED. Your directing your anger in the wrong place & I am far 2deep in the game 2play games. These r facts. Still fighting 4 Kim to be on it…..

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  • T.O.

    kim stays losing

  • Andrew

    that’s just fucked up.

    Fuck Ms Wallace

  • Sam I Am

    I would love to hear the whole story but at surface value, that is majorly fucked Ms Wallace

  • Luck

    She should have denied clearance to that Ross verse

  • Aj


  • uhuh

    You’re insulting someone’s mother, you bastard

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  • Pap3rchazer

    lmfao! at @luck….

    Monica is frontin bout being too deep in the game, she know she don’t hold no weight in court vs BIGGIE’S $100 MILLION ESTATE!

  • Mojo

    Pay attention kiddies…when you pop off at the mouth, there are repercussions.

    Settling you differences in a respectful way, away from the spotlight = Civil

    Popping off at the mouth and having someone go above and beyond to take money out their pockets = Gangsta.

    Please address all concerns to the game, not the player. Thanks.

  • OK..

    @big homie lmao too bad he punched her in the mouth 2 seconds later lmao

  • X

    B.I.G’s mom said NO so RESPECT it!

  • DG

    Payback for Kim talking shit about the Notorious movie. Ms Wallace was a producer and Kim tried to fuck with her money so Kim loses


    change the fucking beat

    fuck a sample, a real producer can re-create that shit


    ross stay winning


    dats fucked up



  • The Noid

    Really dont get this it’s a sample aka David Porter’s music not BIG’s, how the fuck she stopping niggas? If thats the case reproduce the original sample instead of using Who shot ya! Lazy asses.

  • wickwickwack

    she shouldnt have said on the radio that she has no problem with kim when there´s seem to be hate involved

    ms wallace cant stand kim
    a mother shouldnt play industry games

  • edgy waters

    dont use that wack ass sample then
    get a real producer to re-make the beat or sumthn


    people on here really disrespecting bigs mom?

    you got problems

    seriously, you are trashtalking bigs mom? and what, you got beef with tupac’s grandma?

    get your heads out of your asses

  • dickinyamom

    FUCK Lil’Kim retire already and Monica you on ya last leg so you need to drop the verse and keep it moving, if Jazmine Sullivan never gave you that song your career would be dead right now

  • M.T


  • What The Noid and Edgy Waters said. That’s just lazy man. And how the hell you gon’ clear Rick Ross ol’ fake jake ass and deny Kim. SMH.


  • Clos1881

    On some real shit biggie treated Kim like shit beat her physically and mentally assaulted her and MS Wallace has the nerve to be mad at Kim for speaking out. To be real she be directing her energy into some kinda of charity for battered women.

  • Citylivin’

    how long ago was the Notorious movie and you still holding a grudge?….niggas gotta grow up….Kim ain’t the one losing this time…it’s Monica.

  • slick

    kim shouldn’t be surprised , she knew bigs momma aint like her. u can’t diss somebody and then expect them to grant you a favor

  • uhuh

    who is monica????

  • Sonny Carson’s Son

    @Big Homie I miss those gifs lol

  • mike

    REAL TALK fuck her and this is why i hope her ass goes broke for tryna prevent shit like this from happening.
    She needs to take her old ass back to Jamaica with that fucking accent. If she didn’t have a problem with KIM like she claims, then why not give the clearance.
    Its obvious she hates kim, and this just proved it.

  • Zamn

    I’m trying to figure out how Ms. Wallace can have any say over this song. I get that the song is a sample of Big’s song Who Shot Ya. But here’s the thing, Big sampled that beat from an alternative artist named David Porter and the song is called the Masquerade is Over. If you look it up on YouTube, the Who Shot Ya beat comes in at the 3:13 mark. This some bulllllllllllll *Traci Braxton Voice*

  • court

    who cares if it is someones mom she is wrong her son was very close with LiL Kim and had a lot of love for her- and after he died lil kim and his mom lived together and now she acts like she dont know her cause shes probably all up faith evans ass- after Biggies death Lil Kim made sure that a portion of the money she made would be given to the biggie estate, Ms Wallace is being ridiculous and it was wrong how they tried to portray Kim in the movie just to make it more interesting.

  • Original Will

    Damn another thing stop with the including Nicci on everything until she get her records up there its bad enough we have to hear it from idiots that listen to the radio and thinc they know our culture but ppl who are suppose to be specialist in this field shouldnt go with this non sense well what do i expect yall do post Lil B songs so yea..

    but yea his Momz is fucced up for that you could tell what kind of person she was with that Notorious Movie her and Diddy Parts were played by Seasoned and known Actors and Actresses eventho they did terrible (Yes Angela Bassett was terrible in a movie Angela Bassett in Notorious<Kim Basinger as Eminem Mom in 8 Mile) while the key players like Biggie Kim and Faith 2pac were played by Unknowns(altho Anthony Maccie did his thing in Hurt Loccer and that Violet movie) and like that movie was made to hurt kim but the actress that played her was the only highlight of the entire film

    its some hateful shit becuz i thinc kim was paying a couple of that lady bills and she didnt sue the film and she denies the clearance becuz of kim and its song thats not even going to benefit Kim that much its Monica's Song with Diddy controlled Artist in Ricc Ross

    i hate to say this but Mama Wallace is acting like a Bitch Rite Now if you deny the clearance deny it for another reason dont say you deny becuz of kim

    and another fucc up part about it is that biggie biggest songs were samples of other ppls song so jus imagine how her lifestyle wouldve been if those artist that controlled those samples were like no he cant use my sample becuz he talking about selling drugs and degrading women in a song biggie's album wouldnt had sold so much not only that his albums wouldnt had been so good

  • okpimpin

    Hold up!!!! Kim feeds Ms.Wallace and her grandkids off every album. She names BIG as an executive producer on all her albums including her mixtape!!!! Kim has been the only one loyal to Big till this day!, not Jr. Mafia, not Diddy, Ms.Wallace u are wrong for this and u look bitter, that’s another chk in ur pocket thanks to Lil Kim… Kim killed that song! If anything Ross should have been revoked off that song cause he using BIGs line from beginning to end…. Wow Ms.Wallace Trifling….Period!!!!!

  • County of Kings

    exactly wat albums are u talkin about that kim is feeding biggie kids????
    if u talkin bout old albums. she has no choice that money goes to big estate cuz he executive produced them.

    if u have any respect for big u should never diss his moms, i’ve heard kim insult big moms a few times. u made ur bed, now its time to go to sleep in it ma
    no matter wat me and another person go thru, if they dead i wont insult they moms afterwords no matter wat.

  • “thou shalt not fuck with (rozay’s pockets)” kim saying “who shot ya” etc are biggie’s lyrics from the song, they even mimic his delivery. as such, biggie’s estate has control over whether or not the song is released. why are y’all talking about the music when biggie’s lyrics/delivery were clearly interpolated on the song? take a copyright law class…

    and no one on here should be dissing big’s mom. big wouldn’t have even been on earth to make “who shot ya” without ms. wallace. she’s his mom! idiots…

  • as a side note, that song is just a watered down version of “who shot ya”. they should have gotten puff to reprise his ad lib, missy sounds terrible trying to re-do it. pales in comparison to the original. it’s like having wiz khalifa and lil cease re-do “the what”. LOL. hell no!

  • still best rite now!!

    “…but yo publishing should go to Mz. Wallace” – CamRon

  • IMO

    The people on here goin in on Ms Wallace have to be 12 and can’t be BIG fans. You don’t disrespect the mother of someone you respect. You just don’t. Beyond that, they obviously had to go to her for the clearance for a reason. I doubt Monica said hey let’s just randomly ask this person if this is cool

  • Dre

    Hey Monica Kim isn’t gonna determine wether your single is successful or not get over it…your the only one trippen the fans don’t give a fuck about a lil kim

  • DG

    Way too many Kim stans in here, also seeing a lot of disrespect for BIG’s Mom and the Who Shot Ya beat. You motherfuckers need to realize you stay cheering for a team that’s never gonna win again

  • Nat Turner

    Even if they don’t use it, the song is gonna gain buzz on the strength of what Ms. Wallace did.

    I think they should just do anutha 1, especially having Rick say Big lyrics. Get Black Rob. Mattafact flip Black Robs shit WHOA. Just do a whole new song. Flip a Missy track, WHY U ALL IN MY GRILL.


    Flip Swizz’s EVERYDAY(I’m cooling)

    Flip some’n or recreate

  • okpimpin

    @ county of kings….. when BIG was alive he exec produce the 1st album….her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th album has him listed as exec producer, including her last mix tape…. meaning checks was cut to his estate…FACT look it up….i am not and will never disrespect Ms. Wallace…PERIOD!

  • Youknowiknow

    Word no matter who’s Mom’s it is she doesn’t deserve to be disrespected. I don’t agree with it either bet y’all didn’t know Kim reps with BIG on every album as Executive Producer every trip? Ms. Wallace should let that rock.

  • okpimpin

    @ county of kings….. when BIG was alive he exec produce the 1st album….her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th album has him listed as exec producer, including her last mix tape…. meaning checks was cut to his estate…FACT look it up….i am not and will never disrespect Ms. Wallace…PERIOD! but Kim only said what she said in regards to Ms. Wallace making her look like a fool in that movie, Kim never had an input on that film. how would you feel if i made a movie bout you and u had no input on how you lived your life!!!!!!!! another FACT… when BIG died Kim and Ms. Wallace was living together for a good min… FACT IS whatever their going thru Ms. Wallace is still wrong, and u and i know she is doing it out of spite!

  • Original Will

    at the niggas saying u dont disrespect ppl momz well shit i feel marshall Momz was outta line for that lawsuit she threw his way does that make me wrong get off that man dicc i dont kno that nigga personally im calling it like it is her behavior seems real bitchie like yea cuz i called her bitch and what LOL shit ill call yo mama a bitch shit if you fit bitch qualities you a bitch at the end of the day Yall niggas need to stop acting like yall grew up with this man or he really gave a fucc about mine or your opinion faggots shit the bitch is a bitch the bitch is a bitch you banning a song becuz somebody lyrics is on there thats a bitch move when Aubrey tried to say Olivia was wrong for having his lyrics on one of her songs but him rapping on other artist songs without permission is cool thats a bitch move

    ppl saying Kim have stans im not a kim fan but as an artist i know how it feels to have something great n u have to get clearance before you can release it that shit is hell and it Kept Nas off Finally Famous and Many songs that couldve been big for hiphop was destroyed becuz of this bullshit sampling shit and we have one of hiphop’s biggest figure’s Moms saying she dont want to clear the song its like wtf do u realize ur son had to trash and lost probably a hundred songs becuz of this distasteful shit you doing

    You niggas need to become an artist or get in a studio and you will know how hard it is for you to have a great song and have the money to pay the artist you sampling and they tell you kno becuz they dont like you thats a bitch move

  • blind

    yo how many of yall are actually there to know any of this shit?? do you know kim personally? does ms wallace call you at home? How do you know what ms wallace is making? how about kim? EXACTLY STFU respect BIGGIES MOM’s decision like you would your own mothers’, i bet you would call your own mothers bitches tho i swear u dumbasses at home thinking you were actually there at quad studios n shit, and on the corner with big when he was hustlin, what? are YOU mateo that big was sayin peace to? were you talking to someone on the intro of i got a story to tell, prompting big to ask you who yall talking to?? nah you are on stolen wi-fi in your bedroom where you BEEN at forever


    This goes way back before The movie. Lil Kim has always disrepected Ms. Wallace. Everbody acts like Kim is always the fucking victim. And for your information, Ms Wallace did not make Kim look like a fool in the movie. The producers went to Kim for her story for the movie & she refused to talk with them and jepoardized the film. But her broke ass took that check for the movie. This is what happens when you call his momma a Bitch, this is what happen when you threaten to take money from Bigs Kids, This is what happens when you fuck a married man. She is responsible for her own actions. Its Karma Baby

  • bomberzeek

    fuck that in the end no disrespect but ms.wallace will be dead soon thats life …..and its the kids $ for they futrure so ms wallace sit yo ass down!

  • bomberzeek

    its the kids $ so ms wallace stop blocking with your personal gripes!




  • jboggie

    Miss Wallace house was in foreclosure Kim paid for it no one else. Kim put Bigg as executive producer on all of her albums. So Ms Wallace and Bigg kids can eat. Ms wallace is a cunt!!!!


    this is bull shit.

  • mack

    i’ll say this…i heard the song on Monday night on 92Q . I thought the joint was sick when Monica started singing on it. When Rick came on, I’m like wow he’s really riding this biggie lane…that’s cool, it wasn’t bad at all. When Kim came on there and said the line about Faith…i thought that was disrespectful cuz i remember I was like OOOooooh when she said that over the Who Shot ya beat, yeah…I understand why Ms. Wallace flexed that muscle. Kim’s line was a diss to Faith and that makes it a diss to Big’s kids as well. Good call Ms. Wallace!

  • don’t deserve respect

    MS. Wallace is a old spiteful gorilla bitc

  • damm no love for kim huh lol

  • JHP

    You know Monica, there’s another female artist that will help your record blow up bigger than Lil Kim can…………

  • Wayupstairs

    How about making some original sh*t and you dont have to worry about it… song is wack anyway..

  • kt

    LMAO!!! @blind went hard and probably told the truth….

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