New Music: Asher Roth x D.A. Wallach “Another One Down”

Earlier today, Asher was at Power 102.9 in New Orleans and spoke on the status of his project, The Spaghetti Tree. Following the interview, Asher premiered a new record with D.A. Wallach, which should appear on his sophomore still untitled LP on October 4th.


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  • YeBoy

    This is pretty hot, I’m feeling what his doing lately.

  • this is nice….i like dude

  • …………

    Another banger from an artist not from the south.

  • DirkDiggler

    Dope music. Can’t wait to hear the album.

  • NextEpisode

    A perfect song for the summer. Thank you, Asher.

  • RichButBroke

    He kinda looks like Horatio from CSI: Miami in this picture lol

  • Fyler

    Not gonna lie, this shits ill. Not a big fan of dude, but this is a great record

  • duuude

    super dope

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    This shit is dope

  • yup!

    What kind of sunglasses is he wearing?

    Song is dope!

  • s.r.v.

    Typical asher, no disrespect, But more importantly RAPRADAR you guys need to start fuckin with the hulkshare download link, all these other sites are doin it and its whatsup get on the evolve game…still got love though

  • ^^dumbass^^

    rapradar are very close with certain artists to get latest leaks because they dont post download links u moron they just let u listen to it so u can buy there shit and not be a thief. u must be a dumbass teenager

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  • I’m In The Wrong Site

    Thank You!!!
    I have NO Idea what the fuck am I wasting my time on a site with NO Links, NO hip-hop, and Old News.
    The only thing Legit, is the comments lol. Well Put Together.

  • Am I on planet Earth because I do not see eye to eye with you people who’ve posted favorable comments about this song and it feels lonely. I’m stranded. Mayday.

  • s.r.v.

    Naaa RapRadars dope, but go open up itunes and search for this song casue i couldnt find it…non commercially released songs in respect to being convenient -not saying theres no quality and aura to the website just there main outlook is ultimatly gunna be convenience- should have a hulkshare download, i buy cd’s / songs from the itunes store and support my favorite artists ass fuck you wanna hate do what makes you feel better but yeaa im eighteen and this is what i thinks a good idea

  • DMJ

    @s.r.v. the song will be on itunes it just hasn’t been officially released yet

  • Kozak

    Roth is getting better and better.

    Last Man Standing ft. B.O.B. is dirty as hell