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    L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Mobb Deep are not Gangstaz

  • Guest

    Why do all rappers think they gangstas, shit is embarrassing to listen to.

  • snow white

    3 midgets! hahaha

    Prodigy and them 2 otha ninjas as tall as that car behind them


    Gangsta Dwarfs?!?! really?

    “u little F*&K i got stacks bigger than YOU”


    Everybody wanna be gangsters but nobody wants to be a man

    Heads got shit twisted

    $WonDough$ >>>>>

  • tysonzz

    Ayo whats da backstory with da Kam dude on the YN blackout??
    Dude looks like he did sum lame shit was it at the Jay/Ye listening session?

  • He was not able to Watch The Throne…..

  • cream


  • BrooklynRaw2FU

    guess new definition of gangster is hip hop artist. then you make a song talk about all the gangster stuff you do then hip hop police pulls over your tour bus finds guns and weed then ya go hummm did i snitch on myself hummm

  • thinkRED

    i see prodigy been drinking 50’s protien shake… he used 2 be the lil nicca in hip hop

  • RN (Real Nigga)

    this song sucks. you bloggers love dick riding more than a horny stripper.

  • Jaymalls

    this shit is too gangster.. i aint even gonna front. from the tempo to the baseline, the shit is just grimey!!

  • relly

    This shit is wack. Frank Dukes be “selling” that hot garbage loops.