• MadMike0082

    First post on another shitty performance vid of Tyler. And im a fan but fuck they suck with live performances.

    Bunch of ignorant kids.

  • moreffa

    call this ghetto chatline 218 895 3266 press 7 to go to the live rooms its full of broke hoes and fat niggaz from da nyc po-jects

  • NoNotToday


  • hopsis beats tyler

    Hopsin just fucking destroyed tyler in a couple bars. got tylers attention too he tweeted about it and said the diss was good on his formspring

  • hopsis beats tyler

    oh shit wrong video

  • Haha don’t worry bruh! Tyler got em!! We haven’t heard Tyler actually dissing some1.. B.O.B wasn’t even a diss he said it on a interview.. Plus Hopsin is a nobody he dissed lil Wayne and lupe fiasco.. But who the fuck knows him? Exactly no one! Ahaha one of those failed attempts again.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh

    trash niggas think this dude is cool must be a real white person.

  • yupp

    Tyler got ate but he aint gonna respnd