• yesssir

    i had high hopes for diggy.
    but this songs blows—and who the fuck wants to watch a rapper dance like chris brown?

  • wickwickwack

    he had a buzz last year ,yet nothing was released

  • saywatuwant

    I ain’t gon fake I actually like this song the hook sticks it might actually be a hit but he’s young as hell and he’s always had money so I mean wat do u want him to rap about if he try to be hard ppl wont respect em so I don’t mind it

  • cannibaal

    Why do people always let one single predict the future of the artist? Wut if the rest of his album is what you want it to be and is on that real hip hop shit (in which I expect it to be) he’s still wut? 15, 16? I expect him to make club shit like this as well. AND he happens to dance, i don’t understand the conflict with that. Lil nigga likes to to do that, than so be it. He’s still dope in my book

  • whatupsucka

    I may get hated on for this, but I can’t support a rapper doing dance moves like this. This isn’t like a House Party type thing, or a doo wop, or a two step. This is some fuckin Ciara/Usher/Chris Brown choreographed nonsense. The hiphop community can’t relate to a RAPPER doing this type of thing. Not to mention, he’s SINGING? I swear these labels don’t realize why they’re broke so much, they don’t stick to the core of what a hiphop artist is. They keep trying to make the shit too POP and too R&B instead of keeping its edge and ruggedness to it. There was a reason why people kept an eye on Diggy from the “Made You Look” freestyle video. He’s not gangsta but it had some edge and style to it. This joint making him look like he auditioning to be in Mindless Behavior or some other teeny boy band. I know there’s a lot of gay people in the industry, particularly those that work at Atlantic Records (yes there are many), but for the sake of the industry and the genre, I need them to stop trying to mix the Lady Gaga/pop bullshit in with our hiphop artists. They don’t sit in the same boat. Lil Wayne and Drake are both pop artists and you’d NEVER see them dancing around like this. ATLANTIC RECORDS, YOU ARE SCREWING YOUR MONEY AWAY AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!!

  • saywatuwant

    Well u can’t really say its his fault its the labels they’re the ones fuckin errything up to be honest the only way shit is gon get back to how it was is if ppl stop supporting bullshit but that’ll never happen cuz u got millions of ppl dats OK wit dis friendly inviting rap but at the sametime I still like the song didn’t watch the video tho

  • Diggy Simmons is so cute. Me and my dad love him. We used to practice his dance moves before he started spending all his time on the internet and watching his favorite show where all those naked boys give eachother a spanking for being naughty.

  • Poetic Assasin

    Yall typing a bunch of nothing – let the nigga do his thing — hip hop artists can’t dance? LL danced, Kane danced, doesn’t his father come from that era? Yall ask for originality then get mad when an artist is different. Dude is spitting and having fun- he wasn’t just giving a deal and thrown to the wolves, he has been out for about 2 yrs now and just releasing a single.

  • saywatuwant


  • Ya Boy G

    [email protected] niggas saying I can’t cosign this. Nobody asked for it or gives a fuck what you cosign. I don’t like this sign but diggy is young. He will come into his own and make decisions about what music he puts out. And for the nigga saying this is why labels are broke your an idiot pure and simple. Lables are broke because the consumer is broke. U fucking joke.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Yes this song is wack but it’s clearly for the radio how else you gonna market a 16 year old. Diggy got some flow I think he has a bright future. Made You Look freestyle, Shook ones freesyle, V.I.P with Mac Miller, Philly shit with Young chris. Wait till he get a little older and starts getting pussy, drinking, and smoking he gon have more to talk about. J. Cole, Jay Electronica, are your favorite rapper wasn’t that nice at 16, he has the potential to make a staple in the game mark my words.

  • wow – he has to drink, smoke and get pussy to have more to say ?

  • tysonzz

    This kid is gay I seen him on Runs house acting like a diva around his moms, he got that fashionsita metrosexual swag. The other little brother was cool, but this kid on that sisqo shit…

  • Converse


    word? thats him LMAO smh

  • Ya Boy G

    Damn. Ya niggas know him? When you was that age was u running round ya moms and family like fu k it cook it drink it smoke it and remix it? Hip hop pop rap rnb jazz all of it evolves your dealing with a new generation with different ideas. Y shit on it all the time? Make something better then shit…

  • whatupsucka

    Big Daddy Kane, LL, and Rev Run NEVER did no damn Chris Brown moves…NEVER…read what I said. This is the type of shit Ciara or Usher would do, not somebody who made a mixtape with DJ Premier.

    Labels are broke trying to sell albums so they keep making these rappers do pop sounding singles and albums hoping to get some change. Diggy is not original but I don’t expect that. I expect from the material he’s put out the last couple years, he could have atleast be presented like that. After all, he DID just get a deal off 1 mixtape and 1 video with the help of his dad. But nah, the label is pushing him like that and it’s not fair to him because that’s not what he’s on. Watch what happens to this kid as the time goes on and you’ll see what I mean.

  • RC

    This is what happens when you lose direction.

    Kid has no angle.

    Label is doing their best to market this kid. So they are going to sell them to the CB and B2K fangirls.

    Sucks for Diggy, cause I know he wants the lyrical respect of rap fans.

    As soon as I heard this Drake inspired Single, I knew what time it was.

    Good luck Diggy.

  • patmoney

    lol this nigga put jojo & team blackout to shame!

  • Smoove

    Bow Bow part 2 lol when he get older he gonna be mad cause the hiphop world wont accept him….Fuk it #TeamBlackout nah im jus bullshitn lol

  • I wouldnt expect any of you jelous hating people to understand this record. this young brutha/ INSANE RAPPER! goes in and i have respect for Good Music which is what he has proven he can do by this song and everyone of his others. It’s different unlike anything we have ever heard b4. all people want out of rap is for somebody to be frontin talkin about their ak 47’s or gang violence its not real, however this song is for the innovators. so meanwhile yall need to get your old hatin A’s off the couch and give this young very very talented man the respect he diserves!!!!

  • i love love love the song and from the looks of the behind the scenes content the video will Dope as well!!! GREAT JOB DIGGY!!!!