Pill The Diagnosis Cover

All Pill needs is a pen and a pad for the cover of his new mixtape. Find out the end result when The Diagnosis drops on July 23.

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  • onanigga

    2 copies downloaded.

  • Ok deen!!

  • I’m a Boss

    Have his other 3 aswell i just hope william ain’t all over this

  • the penguin

    maybach music always has the most thought provoking and interesting album covers

  • Me

    People are sleeping on this nigga…he is as good as meek mill

  • BK James

    @ the penguin LOL
    @Me That’s not saying much…

  • If this is actually Pill, it’ll be good, just worried about the MMG influence all over his music.

  • YeBoy

    If this is actually Pill, it

  • Gus

    that’s a creative cover…not.

  • Converse


  • Devil

    Wow…I’m just speechless…pure art. #sarcasm

  • Avarice

    I’m ready for this heat.