• Oh shit

  • D

    tell joell we dont want anybody on that record… no disrespect but fuck outta here

  • hataz. Go in Jo’ , get ’em.

  • Pavaris

    Man! His voice is something else it speaks to my soul. That crazy how ye flip the sample nicely done.

  • Texas

    WTF let the song breathe shit just dropped smh

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  • Blow it

    SMH, Stop saying shit…
    the track is soulful but the Throne brothers didn’t made justice…
    Not hate, just talking real stuff here, it’s just a small track with no content…
    Maybe Joell can do a better job here!

  • Chris Brown sang this in the Movie THIS CHRISTMAS ..He rocked it.. then punched a bitch in the eye

  • and Who Da Hell telling people What SONG they can make ?

    It STILL Aint Hot enough to drink HATERADE !

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