• http://www.imperfectenjoyment.com Dewan

    We export some crazy shit, but glad to see the young man making money.

  • http://pancakesandbeer.com TeeFizz

    Swague on that Dead Presidents beat tho….

  • Guest

    Not really a fan of his music cause he needs to learn how to mix i can’t listen to shit like that.

    But i give him props for touring and doing shows in london and france thats big for someone like him.

  • http://everyoneloveshiphop.com new songs 2011

    awesome footage!

  • recordpusher


  • http://rapradar.com KUSH247

    worsed shit ever i wont even pay 10$ to see these fucker no lyrics on any of his songs his music is over for straight ghetto niggas that cook with him haha lmfao!! fuck basegod# fuckin up the rap game… somebody knock this nigga out again haha

  • Converse


    Umm no bruh thats the burb

  • http://www.basedbible.com Errol Games

    Come to Boston BasedGod

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