Lloyd Banks “Bootleg Kev” Freestyle

During Banks’ HFM2 promo run last year in Las Vegas, he spit a freestyle on Kevin‘s show. The bars don’t sound recycled, but I’m sure someone will call me out on it.

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  • Get a 1-5-0 from your lip to your ear lobe

    – Lloyd Banks

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  • Hashmarking

    Album still ain’t went gold yet. Fuck this bum!

  • ^His album came out the same day as kanye west and Nicki minaj….of course people are going to ignore if there’s kanye and Nicki CDs at the store retard…

  • Youknowiknow

    Like you really does numbers like that anymore anyway Banks is a mic ripper record sales or not.

  • Pap3rchazer

    Banks did the damn thing but his freestyle for flex over the “speaking in tongues” beat last summer sealed the deal for me. Hfm2 is a great album n still did its numbers for an independent one too. At first I didn’t understand why banks decided to drop with ye n nicki but in an interview he said it was a big hip hop week n he would rather play a small part on a big day than play a big part on a day that means nothing….I respect him for that.

  • ^ Nicki minaj and Kanye suck.

  • Banks will always spit that heat

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  • Hashmarking

    Banks is not independent he is EMI (A major) he had all these ” hits” but you can’t go gold. Fuck the excuses. He’s finished. He talked shit about Ross, Game, Wayne, Khaled etc cause he had 50s dick on his shoulder and all of those guys sell more records than you real of fake FUCK BANKS

  • Guare

    man u cant fuck wit that nigga…hands down one of the nicest on mics today.. period no debating

  • Protest

    heck out this new mixtape by this kid named Truth called “Unorthodox”

  • Protest


  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @Hashmarking Feel better hater. You sound like a female who had her heart broken. Like damn you still checking for the dude obviously. You still checking to see if dude went gold. Who cares. Banks is a dope lyricist and much better than those dudes you mention.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    BANKS > Ross, Game, Wayne, Khaled.

  • Whowantwhat

    Banks is that Nigga!

  • rodipipes

    Banks is one of d most underrated rappers ever! HMF2 deserves more than gold!

  • Hashmarking

    All you Banks stans < Justin Beiber Fan club

  • cosign @ ZoomZoomDad-Otis
    BANKS > Ross, Game, Wayne, Khaled.


  • King

    LMAO at Banks > Game….FUCK OFF RETARDS GAME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BANKS…Banks can’t touch Game


    BANKS > Ross, Game, Wayne, Khaled.

    Banks 1 of the best and most slept on, His lines go over most stupid niggas heads.

    Game can make better tracks but lyrically Banks would kill Game without even trying.

    Game can’t go more than 2 lines without saying someones name.

  • Hashmarking

    Game has hardly any buzz for R.E.D. but he’ll sell way more than Banks. Plus Game will eat that faggot alive lyrically!

  • posted

    Ok fuck all dat game shit luk @ banks + g-unit they the definition of real ganstar rap period and fuck the rest like ross wayne khaled nicki n all the bum heads they spit a new song every day buh never make sense and they do it for popularity and fame banks on the other hand just lay back and make his name ring states and ova seas any nobody better 6 months here and 6 months ova there hahaha making money MBAM its the (PLK) cock sucking haters.

  • TRX Evaluate What I Usually do not Like.