• Rotza

    Ya’ll had to post the pic of Bussa with that gut though?

  • zezzoi

    does Busta make bad songs or remixes? I don’t know if i ever heard one. He’s not the best, but he puts out quality shit.


    Busta fat now

  • Converse

    Damn this nigga garbage and fat LOL

  • wdb

    Busta looks like Moe from the simpsons!

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  • a2z

    Who gives a fuck if he fat?? He can out rap your favorite rapper. Y’all niggas is bitch made

  • Chan

    Lol @ wdb. He really does look like moe from the simpsons. haha. Bustas tight though. Not only is he a og but he can spit too. His verse on Coke, Dope, Crack and Smack was sick.

  • Chan
  • mm

    fat busta is funny.

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    @a2z, cosign. If he fat SO WHAT! U kiddies here can be so childish. He fat, yaddy yaddy yah! He is a GREAT! Just like Biggie was. Big Pun was fat too! Fat Joe fat too. Just go 2 sleep or get ur pacifier. BUSTA DO UR THANG.

  • Converse RR staff are dumbasses

    Niggas defending fat boi are sumo wrestler LOL

  • James


  • toronto

    my nigga storing up before ramadan LMAO AT THE moe comment

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  • Jay Aych

    Busta been around for a while, because he adapts to what’s hot. He put on weight because Ross is hot now.

  • Honeychild

    i like his fat belly= eating well
    I like his long fingers too= well, and I bet he got big feet too

    as long as he can compensate for that belly, he be fine, Buss is could be a grandpa now. he’s 39 lol.