• http://malbin.wordpress.com malbin
  • http://www.twitter.com/thatsmyword thatsmywordb

    swag this shit is dope

  • jb2552

    This gotta be dope and I aint even heard it yet

  • Aggie Pride

    Dis iz Swag Music BUT 2 Bad it all dat.

  • Stephflow

    This mixtape is gonna be fuckin serious…what a day in hip hop. Otis straight demolishes the internets and this lil gem sneaks in as the icing on the cake. #hiphopisalive

  • yooooo!

    does anybody realize thats not big sean in that picture lmao a nigga who dont even know who big sean IS would say the same shit


    get wiz off that tape….

  • http://www.splashjoy.com/ CWFBCPub

    Can’t wait for the full project

  • Bawse!

    @yooooo! i was thinking the same haaaaa

    @COLD DEATH i agree

    Anyways, would rather have Chip tha Ripper over Wiz.

  • Mel c


  • Dreezy

    Lmao who tf is that nigga on the far right.

  • http://PardonMyFresh.com Uncle AO

    1 of the best EP’s to drop this year. Check it out: http://freshhighsociety.bandcamp.com/album/un-popular-couture

  • http://Rapradar Aj

    All 3 of these niggas garbage.

  • Bawse!

    @Aj go bump your lil wayne bullshit.

  • http://www.youtube.com/xman405nnr www.youtube.com/xman405nnr

    Can someone tell me what designer is that jacket that Currensy has on??? Can’t find it anywhere!!!

  • M.T

    this is alright.

  • j.

    @ youtube man

    thats a 10 deep varsity jacket

  • Real Nigga

    Spitta DOPE

    Lil sean is WACK and wiz is GARBAGE

  • Bawse!

    @Aj sorry, Go bump your Gucci Mane, better? Wiz is the only garbage here but i guess Curren$y & Big Sean lyrics go over you simple minded head. & you’re not gonna kill shit lil white kid.

  • http://swagpuffs.tumblr.com swag puffs

    damn curren$y is on fuckin FIRE….. and it just goes to show how much wiz sold out. he’s spittin at least as good as spitta at his worst. he used to spit like big sean at his worst. if wiz tried this hard all the time, he’d probably have some respect. jesus…. uprisings in egypt….

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  • http://www.youtube.com/xman405nnr www.youtube.com/xman405nnr

    @J appreciate that homie. Been looking everywhere online. I go by the name “X”. I’m an MC from OKC. Check out some of my videos at http://www.youtube.com/xman405nnr

  • James

    GUCCI MANE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BAWSE

  • Word

    Spitta! Jets in the house niggas! Lmao @ that random ass nigga on the end. This mixtape bout to be dope. This the year of high profile collaaboration projects? Em & Royce, Jay & Ye, Wayne & Drake (?), Cole and Kendrick, and now these 3 niggas. Sounds good.

  • King Midget

    Fuck… just give another Spitta tape. This is about a year too late.

  • a2z

    @Real Nigga you hit the nail on the head.



  • kdot

    charlie murphy lookin boy on the right

  • The Closer

    weed heads

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  • Santa

    That’s Neako on the right of the picture

  • Santa

    Big Sean SNAPPED

  • My God

    On a day when Jay and Ye release a classic…it kinda makes me sad to then come listen to Wiz chatting the same old boring shit….I love his stuff…but when WTT is gonna be this CLASSIC Wiz’s lazy weed stories just pale in comparison

    Curren$y still a BO$$ though

  • lilrizq

    TGOD productions be on point good lookin on the beat Big Jerm. Taylor Gang X JETS. Big Sean sounds too much like Kanye to me.


    Really shows how much better curren$y is then both. . . Good look for him. I cant take Big Sean serious with his style of rap.. It seems corny.. Over paced.. Like the dude couldn’t slow down if he wanted to.. Reminds me of Nicki Minaj

  • http://www.tagged.com/pienman pienman

    damn, the last couple tracks been crazy hot! mos def spitting on these tracks…. the track itself is a weed brownie….

    J.E.T.S/ Taylor Gang/G.O.O.D Music

    mannn the homies doing they thang on this! hope the whole joint they doin is as mellow as the last couple tracks

  • Aj Moms Shaniqua

    my son is a fat ugly black nigga with do do braids, 3x tee some sean john jeans and air force 1s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/macmuzik Mac from hooda

    thats not big sean in the pic thats the homie NEAKO!!! #SWAg!

  • phraynkhp

    jets taylor gang and finally famous over everything

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