• T-Boye Doe

    STS went iiiiinnnnnnnn !!!!, very creative

  • Brahsef

    First song I’ve heard from the dude. He’s nice

  • yesssir

    I saw the post from this guy on here a while back–who’s this dude signed too, or where did he come up from? he’s dope as fuck.

  • Lighter

    wow. creative. way to let people know about him while making music. smart.

  • Protest

    Check out this new mixtape by this kid named Truth called “Unorthodox”

  • STS came up with The Roots. He is part of Money Making Jam Boyz, but he is out of Atlanta.

  • sway-z

    Shit like this is why I deal with rapradar in the first place. You might go 3 weeks seeing nothing but bullshit but every once in awhile you click on a Kendrick Lamar or this nigga right here an get put on to some real music

  • Converse


  • rahrahrah

    Damn!….This is nice. People talking bout Don Trip, and other wack cats keeping it real, or bieing soulfoul. I can’t get with that, this is skills here. Straight up slammin skills.

  • Da Truthhhhhhh


  • @_iAM_sam_

    1st off, dope track!!!!

    Who sampled this before??? Somebody on the West right??? Almost thought it was “Str8 Up Menace” but that aint it….

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