New Video: Webbie x Lil Boosie “No Place Like Home”

Man, Boosie’s incarceration must’ve affected Webbie’s rhymes. If you dare to bare, check out Webster’s new video. If this is what we have to look forward to from Savage Life 3, Free Bad Azz immediately.

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    you know trill fam are some real hood niggas. all these industy rappers who always putting out music always be in the studio and shit but these guys put out a tape like every other year, they busy in the hood. shout out to foxx and the rest of them.

  • goose

    ha, this nigga driving a kia.

  • FTW

    I’m saying… is this nigga pushin a KIA? Stay in school kids. This rap shit is a no win situation. Just have some education to fall back on. Kia’s are reliable I’m not going to hate. But to push one with fake diamonds on is just ridiculous.If your going to keep it real keep it all the way real. Hey yo Webbie, cut that shit out.

  • me too

    yeah a kia nigga…lol

  • working real real hard to be the worst rapper out…. damn the kia, its a rental. A cheap rental… BUT whats good on leaving the tag on those Exxon shades???? : /

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  • Chi Town

    ok that was funny B. Dot put the real video up and stop playing….. u playing right???

  • Bart

    Man, he really did throw the KIA logo in there like it’s nothing. He doin commercials for em now or something? I think anyone could have made this video. Webbie is done.

  • Converse

    Wow? I fuck with Trill ent. but DAMN nigga this isnt the young sauage I know

    Im not going to mention the Kia, bc buying expensive shit is why niggas go bankrupt? [email protected] rule and young buck SMH

  • Converse


  • Ashley Nicole

    Is this track even mixed?

  • mac DIESEL

    “No Place Like Home”




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  • yea Webbie used to have the timing down way better. Don’t get it twisted Independent slapped. He’s in a bad space bc Boosie prolly used to write w/4 him but unfortunately that boy gone.. The KIA’s the rental that U burn & down the Hwy doing shows yall cmon.

  • Codeen

    @mac DIESEL, Why do you hate on ALL Southern artists? I swear the North always hatin on the south, that’s why we been winnin these past few years.

  • Codeen

    That’s not to say every rapper in the south is better,(Because that sure as HELL aint true) but still, stop hatin.

  • Nino_Zemun

    Look at the big picture,like you haters are all driving maseratis and shit.

  • kamaury dorrough

    Lil boosie I am glad you are coming
    To town Lil webbie stay cool my